Water Bottle Plastic | Recycle Signs | 21 Day Full Body CleansI’ll bet you didn’t think you were buying poison when you purchased a bottle of water, did you? Unfortunately, many of the plastic bottles we drink from are contaminated by harmful toxins that are released into the water/drink from the material of the container.

Good news! You can easily determine which bottles are the least and most harmful. Knowing the difference between a few symbols found on the bottom (and many other plastics, as well!).

Which one is the safest water bottle plastic?

If you really have to, choose the bottle with HDPE or the one with “2”. This kind releases the least amount of harmful chemicals. On top of that, it’s also the cheapest to recycle. You can also do your part for the environment when you choose this kind.

Which one is the worst?

The ambiguity of the term “other” should already clue you in. Plastic #7 (non-labeled). The materials that went into it likely didn’t follow healthy recycling procedures.  Moreover, this kind releases cancerous BPA chemicals. What’s scarier is that sports drinks and other food containers usually use this kind of plastic.

Want to Know More?

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