Vegan and Vegetarian | 21 Day Full Body CleanseMisconceptions of Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

It is a common misconception that Vegan and Vegetarian diets are the healthiest options. Sure, vegetables and fruits are indeed nutrient-dense. But animal meat contains essential vitamins and minerals that plants alone cannot supply. Some of these are iron, calcium, VB12, and zinc.

Vegan and Vegetarian Diets are NOT healthy detoxes

While Vegetarians and Vegans tend to eat a lot of healthy foods, they also tend to be lacking in several vital nutritional needs. (For more information, read the in-depth article linked at the bottom of this blog)

Finding a balanced nutritional life

Outside of taking multiple supplements, eating lean meats and fish along with your organic fresh fruits and vegetables is the most practical, common sense solution to achieving balanced nutrition. While supplements are helpful, they are not capable of replacing the full benefits of whole foods.

When you eat a diet filled with Organic whole foods, you naturally become detoxified and experience higher energy levels, better sleep and healthy fat loss.

You don’t need to cut out meat and fish to get results!

For more information on the downfalls of Vegan/Vegetarian diets, click here.

Try a full body cleanse

Our 21 Day Full Body Cleanse is specifically formulated to detox your cells from all the piled-up toxins. This holistic program includes food and exercise on top of the professional-grade supplements.

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