How to Watch for Junk Food Disguised as Healthy Food

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Some junk foods are literally disguised as healthy food In order to maintain the most detoxified, healthy body, we should be eating whole organic foods and avoiding processed, packaged foods. Why avoid “healthy” packaged foods? One of the reasons to avoid packaged foods is that many foods are marketed to trick you into believing [...]

Why Cleansing is the new dieting ( 2019 )

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Overloading detox pathways in the body can be a major cause of weight gain. This is why cleansing is an effective way to lose weight. Using targeted herbs and scheduled calorie restriction can clear detox pathways. It does so by supporting the liver, kidneys and colon in doing their jobs more efficiently. Intermittent Fasting Intermittent [...]

News About the FDA and the Healthy Supplements You Use

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Unfortunately, it's Not Good News Natural supplements are widely accepted as a healthy addition to a well balanced diet. Perhaps your diet plan includes several such supplements to maintain the balance you need to be consistent in your exercise and dietary goals. If so, you’ll be very interested in the following. New Proposed FDA Regulation [...]