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Toxic condiments to avoid

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When people focus on eating healthier they forget about watching their condiments. It’s as if those tasty little sauces don’t count. In reality, our favorite taste enhancers can be an unwanted source of sugar, excess salt, trans fats, dyes, chemicals, genetically engineered ingredients and calories. Most condiments are highly processed and have little nutritional value.  [...]

How Long Can You Get Away With Skipping Your Workout?

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Taking a Break is Normal Everyone takes a vacation from their fitness program, no matter how dedicated they are. Things come up…”life happens” and/or people simply need time to rest and recover. One week away from the gym certainly won’t cause you to lose the lean muscle and gain back all the fat you’ve burned…But [...]

News About the FDA and the Healthy Supplements You Use

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Unfortunately, it's Not Good News Natural supplements are widely accepted as a healthy addition to a well balanced diet. Perhaps your diet plan includes several such supplements to maintain the balance you need to be consistent in your exercise and dietary goals. If so, you’ll be very interested in the following. New Proposed FDA Regulation [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Milk Alternatives

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When it Comes to Choosing Dairy and Milk Alternatives, There is a lot to be Aware of Staying toxin-free and maintaining a healthy weight go hand in hand, so we applaud you if you are doing your best to avoid toxic dairy and dairy alternatives! Did you know that 91% of the soy grown in [...]

READ the Ingredients…EVEN when You’re “Cheating”

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Everybody Deserves a Treat Here and There…but don’t let down your guard! Maintaining a toxin-free body means reading the label and choosing Organic products made from natural ingredients without harmful preservatives – EVEN when you’re eating a pastry! Propyl Paraben Johanna Congleton, Senior Scientist at EWG, writes that many common pastries contain “the preservative propyl [...]

The Hidden Cause of Many Common Ailments – Magnesium

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 The Hidden Cause of Many Common Ailments - Magnesium I can't think of anything more frustrating and discouraging for my clients than failing to reach health and fitness goals because of hormonal imbalances and/or lack of personal well-being. What you may not know is that many of your ailments, like the ones in the photo [...]