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How Long Can You Get Away With Skipping Your Workout?

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Taking a Break is Normal Everyone takes a vacation from their fitness program, no matter how dedicated they are. Things come up…”life happens” and/or people simply need time to rest and recover. One week away from the gym certainly won’t cause you to lose the lean muscle and gain back all the fat you’ve burned…But [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Milk Alternatives

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When it Comes to Choosing Dairy and Milk Alternatives, There is a lot to be Aware of Staying toxin-free and maintaining a healthy weight go hand in hand, so we applaud you if you are doing your best to avoid toxic dairy and dairy alternatives! Did you know that 91% of the soy grown in [...]

21 Day Cleanse program: A Busy Bride’s Cleanse Journey Part I

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First things first – I have never tried a cleanse before. In fact, I mocked those who did cleanses while eating bacon cheeseburgers. However, that was when I was eighteen and the Alfredo, burgers, bags of chips and other horribly delicious foods never seemed to affect my health or weight. Eventually, though, my eating habits [...]