Egg Lovers, Rejoice: Eating Cholesterol is GOOD for You!

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The Low Down on Cholesterol Good news for those who have been restricting eggs in their diet! Cholesterol is actually good for you! High blood cholesterol levels have plagued many Americans and have caused some confusion when it comes to healthy dietary needs. In efforts to reduce this, doctors have advised people to either avoid [...]

How to Watch for Junk Food Disguised as Healthy Food

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Some junk foods are literally disguised as healthy food In order to maintain the most detoxified, healthy body, we should be eating whole organic foods and avoiding processed, packaged foods. Why avoid “healthy” packaged foods? One of the reasons to avoid packaged foods is that many foods are marketed to trick you into believing [...]

3 Habits Stressing Your Liver

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Feeling stressed out? Did you know that your liver might be feeling the same way? When it comes to dealing with stress, our coping mechanisms tend to be less than healthy. The usual things that relax us or at least make us feel temporarily satiated - like getting wasted, binge-watching until the wee hours [...]

Boosting detox effects

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If you’re ready for the amazing health results from a detox program, here are ways to boost the effects of detox while avoiding the unpleasant side effects. Toxins are mainly stored in fat cells. And your body may be holding onto fat to provide extra storage for your toxic load. This storage system is [...]

Is Cleansing Right For You?

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Is Cleansing Right For You ? Cleansing your body has been popular for years. But is it right for you? Below we answer frequently asked questions about cleansing for improved health and why the 21 Day Body Makeover is more comprehensive than other cleanses. It still boggles my mind why many people limit their [...]