Egg Lovers, Rejoice: Eating Cholesterol is GOOD for You!

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The Low Down on Cholesterol Good news for those who have been restricting eggs in their diet! Cholesterol is actually good for you! High blood cholesterol levels have plagued many Americans and have caused some confusion when it comes to healthy dietary needs. In efforts to reduce this, doctors have advised people to either avoid [...]

This is Why You Need Caffeine Detoxification Today

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The challenges of health are multifaceted Eating healthy, burning fat and detoxifying your body are not merely physical challenges. They are mental, emotional processes as well. Has emotional instability ever affected your eating habits? Of course it has! That’s why at 21 Day Body Makeover we believe in detoxifying yourself of any substance that causes [...]

There are Toxins in Your Water Bottle!

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  I’ll bet you didn’t think you were buying poison when you purchased a bottle of water, did you? Unfortunately, many of the plastic bottles we drink from are contaminated by harmful toxins that are released into the water/drink from the material of the container. Good news! You can easily determine which bottles are the [...]

3 Habits Stressing Your Liver

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Feeling stressed out? Did you know that your liver might be feeling the same way? When it comes to dealing with stress, our coping mechanisms tend to be less than healthy. The usual things that relax us or at least make us feel temporarily satiated - like getting wasted, binge-watching until the wee hours [...]

Hydrate During Your Cleanse with These 4 Delicious Drinks

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During a cleanse, you’re trying to get rid of all the nasty toxins stuck in your body that are causing you to feel sluggish, experience muscle pain, skin problems, or digestion issues, among others. No effective cleanse happens without drinking lots of fluids. Hydrating is very important when detoxing. Pure water is by far [...]

Caffeine On A Cleanse: 2 Reasons Why Green Tea Beats Coffee

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In this coffee-centric society, it’s hard to imagine mornings without the delicious aroma of a steaming mug of joe. People generally reach for a cup of coffee whenever they need a pick-me-up, cashing in on the energy kick that caffeine will give them. Caffeine in a Healthy Diet Caffeine actually has scientifically-proven health benefits. [...]