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3 Habits Stressing Your Liver

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Feeling stressed out? Did you know that your liver might be feeling the same way? When it comes to dealing with stress, our coping mechanisms tend to be less than healthy. The usual things that relax us or at least make us feel temporarily satiated - like getting wasted, binge-watching until the wee hours [...]

Hydrate During Your Cleanse with These 4 Delicious Drinks

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During a cleanse, you’re trying to get rid of all the nasty toxins stuck in your body that are causing you to feel sluggish, experience muscle pain, skin problems, or digestion issues, among others. No effective cleanse happens without drinking lots of fluids. Hydrating is very important when detoxing. Pure water is by far [...]

Caffeine On A Cleanse: 2 Reasons Why Green Tea Beats Coffee

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In this coffee-centric society, it’s hard to imagine mornings without the delicious aroma of a steaming mug of joe. People generally reach for a cup of coffee whenever they need a pick-me-up, cashing in on the energy kick that caffeine will give them. Caffeine in a Healthy Diet Caffeine actually has scientifically-proven health benefits. [...]

Is Cleansing Right For You?

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Is Cleansing Right For You ? Cleansing your body has been popular for years. But is it right for you? Below we answer frequently asked questions about cleansing for improved health and why the 21 Day Body Makeover is more comprehensive than other cleanses. It still boggles my mind why many people limit their [...]

Lose it! There’s an app for that

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Want to lose weight, get in shape and feel better? There’s an app for that. Technology is your latest ally in trimming down and improving your health. These apps can be downloaded to your phone for travel-along convenience and support in building healthier habits. For example, you can swap the Nike + Training Club app [...]

News About the FDA and the Healthy Supplements You Use

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Unfortunately, it's Not Good News Natural supplements are widely accepted as a healthy addition to a well balanced diet. Perhaps your diet plan includes several such supplements to maintain the balance you need to be consistent in your exercise and dietary goals. If so, you’ll be very interested in the following. New Proposed FDA Regulation [...]