Sugar is More Than the Enemy of Your Weight Loss Goals

Sugar is the fuel for cancer.

Ridding your body of unnatural chemicals and toxins is one of the major factors in reducing your risks of cancer and disease.

To do this, you need to know the different types of sugars that you can ingest. This can appear on food labels under different names, such as:

  • dextrose
  • fructose
  • fruit juice concentrates
  • glucose
  • invert sugar
  • maltose

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Don’t be fooled by those typical “healthy” snacks either like granola or wheat thins. Companies are getting more cunning when it comes to labels. They might use synonyms to these ones we mentioned in order to make you think there’s much less of the sweet stuff in their product than there actually is. Tip: Food labels list added sugar in descending order, not by percentage like others, so look for them at the bottom of the label and add up the total (all the synonymous words) to get just how much there is.


Do you Think of Sugar as Toxic to Your Body?

Here is some research, as shared by Dr. Ben Lerner, that suggests you SHOULD.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 2004 showed that women who ate the highest glycemic (or sugary) foods were three times more likely to develop colon cancer.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that pancreatic tumor cells use fructose to divide and proliferate. The study, published in the journal Cancer Research, noted that tumor cells thrive on sugar, but they specifically used fructose to proliferate. And finally, it suggested that people who “reduce fructose intake … may disrupt cancer growth.”

To read the full article from Dr. Ben Lerner, click HERE.

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