Spring Cleaning | 21 Day Full Body CleanseNow that things are starting to defrost, allergy season is upon us again. Not only that, but it’s also time to deal with all the clutter we’ve accumulated the past year. Channeling Marie Kondo aside, it’s also high time to make good with your new year resolution to get healthier by also spring cleaning your body!

Here are some ways how you can remove unwanted waste both in your space and within yourself.

Carve Out Time for Cleaning

If you don’t purposefully set aside time for cleaning, you will never have the time for it. We tend to say “I’ll do it later when I’m free,” but you never seem to be free. If you don’t set up an appointment with yourself to clean, it’ll forever be on your wishlist instead of your to-do list.

So treat it like a business meeting. You can dedicate an hour for several days, or do it in one fell swoop for a whole weekend. You can make it a family event or ask a friend to help. Involving other people will give you a sense of accountability, making it hard to just suddenly cancel because you don’t feel like it.

Clear Your Surroundings

There are numerous benefits of having a neat and clean space. Having a decluttered desk helps you think clearly. There will also be fewer things that could accommodate dust, which is one of the top allergens. It’s also good to note that toxins come into our bodies through the air we breathe, food and drinks we consume, and things we touch. So besides dusting and sweeping, also disinfect your home, scrub your fridge, and remove all unhealthy food in your pantry.

Spring cleaning season isn’t only about physical cleaning. You can take it a step further by decluttering your email and ridding your social media accounts of toxic people. Yes, we’re getting rid of everything bad for your health. Remember, stress is toxic, too.

Have a Do Nothing Day

Have you ever felt bad about spending a whole weekend just binging on your favorite movies or an entire season of your favorite show? More often than not, we choose to pack our schedules tightly in fear of being “unproductive.”

Society dictates that being idle is equal to being lazy. As you indulge yourself in a quick social media break, you see people doing so many other things on top of work, parading this as “living life to the fullest.” This is when you feel guilty and useless for chillin’ in your pajamas on your couch. But let me tell you this: you have no reason to feel that way.

Studies like this and this tell us that setting aside too little time for doing things we enjoy because we work too much could actually kill us via stroke. Time management expert Dave Crenshaw also states in his LinkedIn course that doing nothing in small increments within your day improves your productivity.

Quiet time without stimulation lets your brain process all the information you’ve encountered. That idle time allows your brain to take a break and sort itself out. If you don’t give your mind rest by doing something you love, you’ll burn out. The best Do Nothing Day balances couch potato time with some relaxing activities like getting a massage, gardening, or sipping coffee while looking at people passing by. Anything that’s low stimulation is good.

A Full Body Detox Cleanse is the Best for Spring Cleaning Your Body

Now that your living and working spaces are clean and your schedule is in order, you’re in optimum form to cleanse your body. Instead of going through tedious trial-and-error with different products, our 21 Day Full Body Cleanse or Keto Cleanse to help with spring cleaning your body efficiently.

We formulated this system to target all aspects of health, from physical to mental. With 30 days’ worth of professional-grade supplements, you’ll also receive easy-to-follow exercise videos, healthy recipes, 2 healthy mindset ebooks, and access to expert support 7 days a week.


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