Self-care Resolutions | 21 Day Full Body CleanseAfter the excesses of the holidays, resolutions for weight loss and self-care abound.

Instead of going on a diet to lose those extra pounds and that sluggish feeling, consider a detox instead.

If the detox channels in the body are clogged or sluggish, even the best attempt at dieting is going to produce lackluster results. Unclogging those detox channels will help improve digestion, boost metabolism and decrease inflammation, which all play a crucial role in weight loss and the body’s set weight point. It can be the answer to breaking through the most stubborn weight loss plateau.

A lot of people mistakenly associate self-care with indulging on all urges, even ones that aren’t helping you at all. When you are feeling lighter and brighter from a detox, it will be easier to stay strong and on track when faced with cravings and temptation. There’s less of a chance of self-sabotage when you’re feeling good. This is true self-care.

The best way to detox your body is to focus on all organs of the body, especially supporting the liver. The liver helps regulate digestion, metabolism, energy, mood and hormonal health. Supporting a sluggish liver can help alleviate allergies, regulate blood sugar and improve seemingly unrelated health issues.

Importance of Liver Health

Improving liver health can balance hormonal function (the liver helps filter hormones from the blood) and lower bad cholesterol levels. It can also raise metabolism, improve mood (particularly issues with chronic anger and irritability), drop weight without dieting and boost elimination.

In times of celebration and indulgence, like the holidays, the liver takes a beating with the constant eating, drinking, activity, tasks, travel and socializing. Just like you need to recover from the whirlwind of the holidays, so does your liver.

When the liver is processing lots of processed fats, sugar and alcohol, along with stress and daily toxins, it struggles to do its job. This type of liver “burn out” can lead to problems with digesting fats and proteins, going to the bathroom and increased PMS.

To change this scenario, the liver needs rest from working extra hard and some special support. That means stopping the consumption of toxins, chemicals, and rich, sugary, processed food. Also taking a break from alcohol, getting more rest, sweating and adding the right kind of supplementation can restore a struggling liver.

Self-care for your liver

The liver helps digest fats and proteins through the production of bile. Bile is the body’s own natural detergent with massive cleaning properties. It breaks down waste materials and eats through old fatty deposits.

Imbalances in bile production can lead to gallstones, trouble digesting fats, constipation and bloating.

The liver increases its production of bile when bitter foods, like greens, beets or lemons, are eaten. Apple cider vinegar and herbs like dandelion or burdock root are also extremely supportive.

Eating a whole foods diet full of healthy fats, fiber and protein can help the liver. These give it the energy and resources it needs to regenerate its cells and tissues. There’s no need to avoid meat or healthy fats on a liver cleanse. Instead, avoid refined sugar, processed foods and wheat products.

Self-care is the Conclusion

To sum up, cleaning up your diet, getting more rest, sweating more and supporting your liver with bitter foods and certain supplements can produce results like weight loss and improvements to any number of health issues or body functions.

As far as supplements burdock root, milk thistle, NAC and dandelion root are top bile builders. They also help the liver make more of a natural antioxidant called glutathione. This protects the body from disease caused by oxidative stress.

It is extremely important to buy good quality professional grade supplements that actually work. Few supplements actually contain what’s written on the container. Stores like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and Target tend to sell these low quality supplements, where you won’t know what you’re really getting. Designs For Health makes one of the highest quality of professional grade supplements on the market. Many healthcare practitioners and naturopaths us this company. Many of the supplements mentioned above can be purchased here at a 20% discount and free shipping. Less than if you found them on Amazon.

Understanding how to care for and detox your liver is the most sustainable road to weight loss. Finally beat that sugar dragon and have the health, mood and energy you want.