We’ve been emphasizing the benefits of the keto diet since we’ve personally seen its power when it comes to improving blood chemistry and weight loss. Our first-hand experience gave us the much-needed insight in developing our very own Keto Cleanse! This keto detox cleanse system is specially designed to ease you into this diet smoothly with minimal side effects.

If you’ve read our previous post about the right way to do the keto diet, it would’ve given you the impression that there’s only one “correct” way to do it. However, there are actually several types of ketogenic diet! Depending on your lifestyle, there’s one that will bring you optimal results.

Here are the types of Ketogenic Diet

Standard (SKD)

This type of ketogenic diet is what you’d likely see in most keto blogs. It’s the one that’s been extensively researched, tested, and recommended by people and health professionals alike. The standard ketogenic diet focuses on healthy fats as the bulk of your daily caloric intake. In the standard ketogenic diet, your meals should ideally be composed this way:

  • Healthy fats 70-75% from fatty fish, nuts, and oils
  • Protein 20-25% (or 1g per 1kg of lean body mass)
  • Carbohydrates 5-10% ideally from vegetables with high dietary fiber (20-50g)

We’ve mentioned the Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet (WFKD) in our previous posts. The WFKD and SKD are basically the same thing, using the same ratios when composing your meals. Both of these require that you do not go under 1,000 kcals a day, but there’s really no limit as to the max calories you can eat as long as you keep the ratios. However, as mentioned, the protein percentage is based on your lean body mass, so you can compute for the rest of the macronutrients based on that.

The standard ketogenic diet is ideal for people who are newbies in this diet or aren’t physically active enough to qualify for the other types. You will still enjoy a good amount of weight loss in this diet even if you maintain that lifestyle, but we highly recommend that you complement this with regular exercise, which we included in our Keto Cleanse system!

Targeted (TKD)

The targeted ketogenic diet is ideal for people who work out often and athletes. This type uses the same ratios as the SKD, but focuses the carbohydrates intake around physical activities. So for example, if you’re planning on working out in the morning, eat your day’s worth of carbs 30mins-1hr right before or right after your exercise to allow your body to burn them faster. This will also give you more energy for your workout.

The type of carbs best for this are pasta, bread, rice, or root crops because they’re the kind turned into glucose and absorbed by your muscles. If you consume fruits, the fructose goes directly to your liver, so those wouldn’t help with your exercise. Note, however, that the need to boost your muscle performance with glucose is temporary. There are many who go back to the SKD when their body gets used to using fat for energy.

Cyclical (CKD)

This type of ketogenic diet makes you get out of ketosis a couple days a week. It’s reserved for those who require maximum fat loss yet need to build up lean body mass. If you’re a bodybuilder or do sports that require bulking up, this is the keto type for you.

In the cyclical ketogenic diet, you’ll follow the standard ratios for 5-6 days in a week. Then, for 1-2 days, you’ll undergo “carbo-loading” days. In these days, you’ll basically switch your fat and carbs ratios. Your meals for these days would look like this:

  • 70-75%carbohydrates
  • 20–25% protein
  • 5–10% healthy fat

High-protein (HPKD) 

Another popular variant of the ketogenic diet for those who need bulking up is the high protein ketogenic diet. Weightlifters, wrestlers, or anyone who needs to stack muscles and lean mass by lifting weights 4x – 6x a week will benefit from this diet. When following the HPKD, your meals would be composed of:

  • 60% healthy fat
  • 35% protein
  • 5% carbohydrates

Note that for TKD, CKD, and HPKD to be beneficial, you need to actually do the type of activities that they’re optimized for. If you don’t do a lot of weightlifting or high-intensity workouts regularly, then these kinds of keto diets will work against you.

Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF)

If you’re trying to get a quick jumpstart on your fat loss without losing muscle mass, there’s a calorie-restrictive (about 600 to 1,000 kcals a day) type of ketogenic diet that focuses on consuming lean meats for protein. The protein sparing modified fast also does away with excess fat from cooking oil while keeping carb intake very low. This way, your body will be forced to burn stored fat in your body instead of using the fat from your food intake, resulting in quicker fat loss.

Of course, the PSMF is only ideal as a short-term solution to get the ball rolling faster. It’s not at all sustainable, so you’d still need to transition into the SKD after some time.

Complement Your Diet with Keto Cleanse

While choosing the most appropriate type of ketogenic diet for you, it’s best to also consider your body’s current state.

You see, harmful toxins from the environment and things we eat hide in fat cells. If you’re overweight, you likely have more toxins in your body, which could lead to developing serious diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. True, the ketogenic diet will help you burn off fat at a faster pace, but if your body is still clogged up by toxins, your cells will not be able to absorb the nutrients that your new diet will bring.

This is why we made our Keto Cleanse. Not only will it help lessen the impact of the “keto flu”, it’ll also help you adjust your palate to welcome healthy meals, free up your cells for all the good nutrients you’re about to take, and flush out toxins from your body through boosting your body’s natural detox process.

Our Keto Cleanse includes 30 days’ worth of professional-grade supplements, easy-to-follow exercise videos to kickstart your active lifestyle (if you’re not already active), over 50 healthy Keto-friendly recipes in eCookbook and video form, and access to expert support 7 days a week. Make sure you’re ready physically and mentally to get the best results from Keto. Start your journey with our Keto Cleanse today!


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