Everybody Deserves a Treat Here and There…but don’t let down your guard!

Maintaining a toxin-free body means reading the label and choosing Organic products made from natural ingredients without harmful preservatives – EVEN when you’re eating a pastry!

Propyl Paraben

Johanna Congleton, Senior Scientist at EWG, writes that many common pastries contain “the preservative propyl paraben, linked to disruptions in hormone signaling.”

As far back as 2002 we have had evidence of major negative effects propyl paraben has on the endocrine system. Researchers at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Public Health discovered that propyl paraben decreased sperm counts in young rats.

One might assume that this research would have been noted by the United States’ since the lowered sperm levels were at and below the concentrations which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers safe for human consumption in food. Yet, thirteen years later, the U.S still allows this preservative.

What to Watch out For

It is in brands like Weight Watchers, Sara Lee, Archer Farms, Newton’s Naturals and more. For a full list, click HERE. Become a label reader and watch out for propyl pareben and other preservatives that affect your ability to cleanse your body and maintain your well being. 

There is more research confirming negative side effects that propyl paraben can have on the endocrine system including possibly altering ones hormone signaling and diminishing fertility. To read the full article on propyl paraben, click HERE.

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