Unfortunately, it’s Not Good News

Natural supplements are widely accepted as a healthy addition to a well balanced diet.

Perhaps your diet plan includes several such supplements to maintain the balance you need to be consistent in your exercise and dietary goals. If so, you’ll be very interested in the following.

New Proposed FDA Regulation

One of the latest proposed FDA regulations is to force anyone who sells natural, unpatentable supplements and wants to make research-based claims on it’s healing properties with a whopping $2.3 million price tag. 

Who gets the 2.3M? The government, of course!

If accepted, the new guidelines would make all supplements regulated by the US government, just as pharmaceutical drugs are. They would then regulate something like Vitamin C or olive leaf the same way as they regulate cancer medications and NICAIDS that cause major harm to the human body.

Do we want the FDA to regulate our herbs and vitamins?

Read here to find out more.

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