Going on a full body cleanse is an important step towards weight loss and overall good health. However, your body may exhibit symptoms while it adapts to the positive change. These symptoms can include heightened emotions and mood changes while cleansing. To give you a good picture of what to expect when you go on our 21-day Full Body Cleanse program, here’s a health expert’s personal findings.

An Expert’s Notes While Cleansing

Moods and Emotions While Cleansing - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

Nutritionist and coach, Alix Barth, gives us an intimate peak at her 21-Day Body Makeover cleanse experience. Alix makes cleansing seem approachable and doable and even expounds on what to expect in the second week of cleansing. She take us through what foods she’s eaten during days 10, 11 and 12, and openly discusses her mood, energy level and emotions during this process. Because she’s an experienced cleanser, Alix tells us what is and isn’t normal to feel on a cleanse. For example, while it’s normal to feel tired or have a headache, it’s not typical to have a tummy ache. In this post she also shares her cauliflower mash recipe and what and how to order when dining out.

Embark on Your Own Journey

Start Now - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

Now that you know what to expect while cleansing, why not take the first step towards a better you? Our 21-Day Organic Full Body Cleanse comes with 30 days’ worth of professional-grade supplements, free exercise videos and healthy meal recipes, 2 e-books by creator and former trainer to the stars George DiGianni, and expert support 7 days a week! Click here to begin your journey!

We’ve also recently developed the Keto Cleanse. It’s designed to help you transition smoothly and boost your fat burning when you’re on the ketogenic diet! Learn more about this cleanse and how it can help you achieve sustainable weight loss with its partner diet.