Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are chemicals and toxins everywhere. What are the chances that you’ll pick up a product at the grocery store and see something on the ingredients list that you don’t even know how to pronounce? Even the air nowadays can be harmful. There are many ways pollution negatively affects human health, a major one being male fertility.

Sperm Motility

The ability of the sperm to swim forward, as well as its ability to penetrate the barrier around the egg. Obviously strong, fast moving sperm are important for conception. Sadly, your sperm may be under a sinister attack.

A study published in the “European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)” found Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in sunscreen, toothpaste, and other personal care and household products. They analyzed 100 different chemicals, and approximately one-third of them were found to adversely affect sperm health. These chemicals, which include ultraviolet filters found in some sunscreens and an antibacterial agent in some toothpastes, can cause low sperm motility.

Air pollution can also negatively affect sperm health, according to a study published in “Environmental Pollution.” Researchers in this study collected sperm samples from more than 1,300 Chinese men. It was shown that the men who lived in urban areas had higher levels of abnormally shaped sperm than the men who lived in rural areas, where the air was not nearly as polluted by car exhaust and other fumes.

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Pollutants Can affect Men and Women

Before trying to conceive, you and your partner may want to consider cleansing your bodies of toxins, which may not only affect your ability to conceive, but may also adversely affect your fetus’ development.

There are multiple options for fertility treatment, but the 21 Day Cleanse offers many other benefits in addition to healthier sperm. These benefits may include weight loss, sustained daily energy, and healthier organs. Increased sperm motility and high sperm count is actually a side-effect of our full body comprehensive program!

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