Positive Food Choices - 21 Day Full Body CleanseI’ve been on the radio now for more than 14 years and as you can imagine when it comes to health and fitness topics, coming up with new compelling topics each week can be challenging.

One of the favorite shows of my listeners is what I call “The All About You.” Since I don’t take calls on any of my other shows, “The All About You” show was developed for listeners to call in with comments or questions about their health and fitness and interact with myself and two other fitness professionals I have on this show. The topic for this show? There is none. We literally wing it hoping we receive enough calls to keep the show going. Thankfully we always do.

Struggling with Food Choices

I’m bringing this particular show to your attention because it’s one that’s thought-provoking, compelling, and controversial. Instead of waiting for people to call about whatever they want to talk about, I asked relatable questions that I know will affect people emotionally. Here are two examples: “What is your biggest struggle during the holiday season?” and ”If you could change something you did or didn’t do last year that contributed to fat gain or a health issue, what would that be?”

I must add before going any further that I’m known as the “Dr. Phil of Fitness” for a reason. I tell you what you need to hear-not what you want to hear. I’m not here to help you be self-destructive. Neither am I here to turn an ear to information that cannot only save your life, but save the emotional turmoil of those who love you as well.

There once was a caller who was faced with something we all can relate to when it comes to making poor choices and the subsequent guilt we feel from gaining fat, particularly during the holidays. This can lead to the post-holiday blues brought on by our own repeated/historical self-destructive behavior of eating all we want.

Poor Food Choices – Based on Belonging?

Throwing caution to the wind I felt it necessary to bring this all-to-familiar topic to you as well. When we are constantly feeling sorry for ourselves in situations like the one mentioned above, we often want to drag others into our sorrow with us, which believe it or not, is not all that bad at times. When you have a partner who can help you be accountable for your actions going forward, you’re more likely to succeed. The caveat here is that you pick a partner who doesn’t have emotional issues that parallel yours. Example: There was a study performed a few years ago on overweight people who have overweight friends and how they tend to stick together and maintain the extra weight (or if they lose it they don’t keep it off). This is not unlike addicts feeding into each other’s behavior during hard times.

Unhelpful Enabling

The studied showed two over-weight friends who lived 500 miles apart, reacted no differently as far as weight gain and/or loss than if they lived together. If one friend gained weight, the other would too. They would feed into the others emotional issues and feel empathetic toward the other friend’s stress. When two people are stressed over similar issues, they tend to try and stay comfortable. They do this by aligning with people who will allow them to be “comfortably uncomfortable”. But in reality, they are only holding each other back from true happiness.

Now you may be wondering what her response was on the other end of that call. She was defensive at first but soon realized that I was not judging her, I was simply giving her relatable stories of others. But she personalized it. After the initial anger went away she began to cry. I asked why, she said she realized I was right but didn’t want to lose her friends and family.

I told her when it comes to family/friends enabling your behavior, she may want to seek a trained therapist.  This is because this enabling feeds your unhappiness and inability to move forward emotionally,

Accountability on Your Food Choices

What is the message here? We must all be accountable and take responsibility for our food choices. Be conscious of what you’re eating. It doesn’t mean you should not eat to lose fat. That’s just as unhealthy as eating too much.

It doesn’t mean you should overtrain nor does it mean you should only exercise three days per week.  It’s not only considering walking or jogging the end-all-be-all if you have fat to lose or just want to be healthy. It means being aware of your food choices. It also means taking inventory of the people who are there for you – and against you. If they don’t support your goal of being healthy…whatever healthy is to you…. then you must make a change.

I will leave you with this question. If you knew you were going to die in one week, would you regret not getting the help you needed to stop repeating old patterns and live the happy, stable, healthy life you were meant to live?

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