Beans Lentils | Iron Deficiency | 21 Day Full Body CleanseIt’s worth it to find out!

Whether your goals with 21 Day Body Makeover are more motivated by your desire to cut out toxins, cleanse your body and get healthy or to lose weight and look better than ever, it is critical to be aware of all the nutritional factors that WILL affect your ability to reach your goals.

The number one nutritional deficiency in the United States is iron deficiency.

Risks of Iron Deficiency

Women are among those who are at the highest risk, and many suffer the side effects for years without even knowing they’re deficient. Since iron is critical in the process of delivering oxygen throughout the body, EVERYTHING suffers without it.

When you’re iron deficient, you could:

  • become anemic
  • have less energy/be tired all the time
  • have excessive bleeding during periods
  • look sickly and pale

The good news is, it’s treatable with a healthy, iron-rich diet and supplements.

For a list of symptoms that point towards iron deficiency, click HERE.

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