Contrary to popular belief, people who aren’t already overweight or obese gain only roughly 2lbs. from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. This seems like a rather small number to lose, but here’s the painful truth: chances are, you’d still be in an indulgent mood a week or so into January, or give up right around March and end up gaining even more weight than you set out to lose.

In fact, studies have shown that people don’t even lose the weight they gain over the winter months throughout the rest of the year. This extra 1lb or so gets stuck on your body, with one more pound piling on as each year passes. That collectively equals to a whopping 10-20lbs in a decade!

The Real Culprit

Before you start ignoring turkey and ham and leaving out oil and butter in your cooking, we’ve got news for you – fat and protein aren’t the culprits in holiday weight gain. It’s sugar/carbs!

As you may know, our body uses glucose, which is a form of blood sugar, for energy. The human body produces it. It’s also what carbohydrates and protein are converted into. However, non veggie carbs result in a spike in blood sugar levels.

There’s another form of blood sugar called fructose. Our body doesn’t produce this; however, this is contained in the majority of processed food. You may not be aware, but most holiday fare contains fructose and other forms of added sugar. Packaged pasta sauce, ready-made pie filling, and other instant items all have added sugar. Holiday side dishes are also carbs-heavy like yams, pumpkin and apple pies, and the like.

So before the festivities officially begin, you need to do three things:

  1. Flush out toxins that are hindering your organs from working at their optimal levels
  2. Train your taste buds to be sensitive to flavors to help you feel satisfied quicker and not crave sugar
  3. Change your energy source from using glucose for energy to your own fat stores using the ketogenic diet

Our Keto Cleanse can help you easily do these! This holistic program includes professional-grade supplements, 10 exercise videos, cookbook and video healthy recipes, all of which will prepare your body and mind to make the right choices this holiday so you can keep the holiday weight off!


Holiday Weight Gain: What to Do and How to Reverse It

Going on a detox cleanse like our Keto Cleanse program will actually help you lose weight even before all the parties begin. Our Keto Cleanse program particularly includes green tea, which L-carnitine – a thermogenic that burns fat even when you’re at rest!

Not only that, but our Keto Cleanse will help you get rid of your taste for unhealthy food like too much salt and processed sugar. It’s also the perfect duration for you to kick those bad habits and start developing healthy ones! Of course, the first bad habit that you need to get rid of is added sugar.


How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Say NO to SUGAR!

Time and again, dietary experts have all agreed that added sugar contributes to weight gain and disease. The main culprits are processed and packaged food. Even things thought to be healthy like yogurt have versions with hidden sugars – the flavored ones. Natural sweeteners like agave and honey are the better-of-the-bad, but they’re still considered added sugar if you include them in other food items because they nonetheless increase your blood sugar level.

How does sugar lead to weight gain?

Our blood sugar level is regulated by a hormone called insulin, which our pancreas produces. Insulin transports glucose into cells, which will then be used for energy. If the glucose level in your blood is too high, it can become toxic. The other purpose of insulin is signaling fat cells or adipose tissues to gather fat in our bloodstream and store them for later use.

Now, this whole system works fine if you’re healthy. However, if your diet consists of too much carbohydrates and lots of refined and added sugar, your body will need to produce more and more insulin to clean all the sugar up. This will eventually damage the system and develop into a condition called insulin resistance.

When one is insulin resistant, there’s an elevated level of insulin in the blood all the time, but the hormone isn’t serving its purpose anymore. This means your fat cells aren’t getting the signals they need to access the stored fats they’ve gathered. Your brain will start thinking that there’s no more energy to burn, signaling your need to eat more when in reality, you don’t need it.

Insulin resistance also affects a hormone called leptin, which is responsible for giving our brain the “stop eating” signal.

Other Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

As you can see, simply cutting your sugar intake will help you prevent gaining holiday weight. In fact, avoiding sugar can even help you lose weight. To supplement this less-sugar strategy, here are other strategies you can try to keep off the pounds this holiday season:

Use smaller plates

This is a tried-and-tested trick that’ll make your brain think you’ve eaten a lot because it’ll look like you’ve eaten a plateful of food. Bigger plates will tempt you to fill them up, urging you to overeat.

Don’t go in hungry!

When your body is in starvation mode, you start to feel deprived and would simply ingest without really tasting or savoring the food. It takes your brain a 15 minutes to register that you’re full. If you go hungry to a feast, you’ll likely eat too fast and eat too much without realizing it sooner.

This is why our Keto Cleanse program is designed to never make you feel hungry. When your body feels deprived, it will hold onto fats more vigorously, which will result in weight gain. Our Keto Cleanse, will help you lose weight and keep it off without ever having to starve. In fact it’s a challenge to eat enough.

Eat more fat, less carbs

There are so many studies that prove that eating a high fat, low carb diet results in better weight loss and weight maintenance. They’re also good for balancing hormones and maintaining good skin. Of course, the best thing about this sort of diet, which is basically what the popular ketogenic diet is, is that it forces your body to use your stored fats as energy and any other fat you ingest for energy, which results into a slimmer figure and weight loss without the hunger pangs!

Since going on the ketogenic diet will need getting used to, doing so with our Keto Cleanse can help you make the transition smoother and the side effects milder!

Drink more water

People who drink at least two glasses of water before meals tend to eat less. Also, a lot of people commonly mistake thirst with hunger. So if you feel hungry, drink at least a cup of water first.

Prepare for the season by going on a detox cleanse

Going on a detox cleanse will help adjust your palate to be more sensitive to flavors. This way, a bite of something sweet will be enough to satisfy your sugar craving instead of having to finish a whole slice or two of cake.

Since you’re staying away from things that will elevate your blood sugar levels, your body will need to get its energy from somewhere else. As we mentioned earlier, the ketogenic diet is just the right diet for this holiday season. Stick to high-fat dishes in parties, get some veggies in, and try to avoid bread, pasta, and starchy vegetables as well as too much protein. It’s all laid out for you in our portal when you purchase the Keto Cleanse.

It’ll be difficult to start this new diet right when the parties begin though, so prepare in advance! Our Keto Cleanse program will help ease you into the ketogenic diet. At the same time, it will help you get rid of toxins that clog up your body’s natural detox pathways. WHO stated 7 million people died last year from air pollution. Master this new way of eating for weight loss and you won’t even gain a pound this winter with the Keto Cleanse! Get the full supplement system by clicking the Buy Now button below!


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