StaHeal with Food | 21 Day Full Body Cleanse
Do your meds heal you? Very few question whether or not those drugs would really heal us. Some could simply serve as duct tape for the symptoms.

Danger of Statins

Sadly, the statin drugs your doctor prescribed to lower your cholesterol have side effects that are as bad or worse as the problem they solve. Statins are popular cholesterol-lowering drugs. They are prescribed as preventative medicine for cholesterol-related health problems like heart disease. A new study published in the American Journal of Physiology sheds more light on the dark side of statins. The study found that statins can advance the aging process. Its long-term use can lead to neurological side effects, increased risk of diabetes and skeletal muscle weakness.

Statins can cause these health problems by interfering with the self-repair process of human cells. This can create nerve problems and damage memory.  Pharmaceutical companies and doctors downplay other side effects of statins. These include issues with the liver, cataracts, fatigue and muscle pain.

Heal with Food

Statins can compromise self-repair. When this happens, it can cause rapid aging, new health issues or the worsening of existing problems. In light of these findings, taking statins as a preventative measure seems like a questionable strategy. Especially since the relationship between high cholesterol and heart problems have not been scientifically proven yet.
No pharmaceutical can compare to the preventative medicine of taking good care of your self. While it’s harder to live a healthy life style than to pop a pill, clean eating and exercise have no negative side effects.
Lowering your sugar intake, reducing stress and moving your body is the best medicine for lower cholesterol and boosting heart and overall health. Detoxing the body in a gentle way can do more for overhauling health than any pill, and it promises to reverse the aging process instead of accelerating it.

Boost Healing with a Cleanse

The 21-Day Body Makeover offers recipes, supplements and lifestyle tweaks that will help repair and restore the body gently and naturally. It does so without the risk of neurological side effects or developing diabetes. The only side effect you’ll experience is feeling great!
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