Forever Chemicals | 21 Day Full Body CleansePeople say that nothing lasts forever, but certain chemicals do. Yes, you might be ingesting or inhaling “forever chemicals” that takes, well, forever for your body to expel. This health villain can go undetected, sneaking up on your system and wreaking havoc silently. To protect yourself and your family, we compiled the information you need to know about this chemical ninja.

What are “Forever Chemicals”?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, pre- and polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS have been incorporated in formulas for the production of daily items since the 1940s. In normal conditions, your body can break down chemicals. This group of chemicals, however, sticks around too long. As a result, your health deteriorates, making you susceptible to serious illnesses like cancer, damaged immune system, hormonal problems, and unhealthy baby weight.

Where can you find Forever Chemicals?

From disposable food containers to the water you drink, forever chemicals are lurking in all sorts of corners in your daily life. While some US institutions have stopped using these substances in their manufacturing, they are still accessible through imports. You can find them in:

What you eat

  • Fruits and vegetables that are planted in soil tainted with PFAS
  • Animals who graze on land with PFAS
  • Fish and other seafood swimming in contaminated water
  • Other food packaged in PFAS-containing packaging

What you drink

  • Bodies of water located near areas using PFAS in production (could be consumed via tap water)
  • Water in containers made with PFAS in the formulation

Where you work

  • Factories that manufacture electronics, chrome plating
  • Plants that perform oil recovery

What you use

  • Cleaning products such as detergents
  • Home improvement items like paint, varnish, coatings
  • Cooking tools like non-stick pots and pans
  • Clothing materials like leather, rubber, and other textiles
  • Other items such as paper and plastic

How to Avoid Forever Chemicals

The prevalence of these harmful substances may make them seem inescapable. But you can significantly decrease your exposure through lifestyle changes that boost your body’s natural detoxing functions and lessen your exposure to PFAS. You can:

  • Exercise more to promote sweating. The body purges toxins through perspiration. Physical activity also promotes better blood circulation.
  • Hydrate with detox water. Not only is keeping hydrated good but regularly answering the call of nature is also another way for your body to cleanse your insides. They also have the added benefit of replenishing vitamins and minerals you lose.
  • Eat home-cooked meals more. Takeout containers are some of the main culprits of PFAS exposure. Eating fresh, whole, and high-fiber food is great for keeping your digestive system clear. You also get to control what you put in your body. On top of that, you’ll decrease your carbon footprint by lessening one-use plastics!
  • Opt for non-plastic reusable packaging and containers. If you can use containers made of glass, ceramic, or other materials, the better. PFAS has been used in plastic production for decades now.
  • Check your water supply. If you could, inquire about where your water supply is coming from. Install a good filtering system if necessary.
  • Exfoliate regularly. Our body also expels toxins through our skin. Dry brushing your skin to get rid of dead skin cells once a week or twice a month helps you sweep away toxin-polluted skin cells.

Your Next Step

It’s not too late to break free from forever chemicals! Give your body a hand in expelling these toxins through a full body  detox cleanse. Our 21 Day Full Body Cleanse is a holistic, organic program that will help rid your body of PFAS and other harmful chemicals. 

This program comes with 30 days’ worth of professional-grade supplements, exercise videos to help you sweat out the toxins, and two health ebooks to guide you in your journey. You’ll also receive easy-to-follow healthy recipes that will give your system a boost. To top it off, you will also have access to our expert support seven days a week for all your questions and concerns!

Forever chemicals may be everywhere, but you can carve a safe and healthy space for yourself every day. Through conscious health efforts and a little mindfulness about things you use, you can live to be a better you!