We’ve talked about how milk isn’t all it’s hyped up to be when it comes to your health. Lactose intolerant or not, it’s best to choose an alternative that can have far better benefits for your body. But there are risks involved like genetic modification, subpar products, or inflated prices that can hurt you and your budget. When choosing dairy alternatives, there is a lot you need to be aware of.

Since staying toxin-free and maintaining a healthy weight go hand in hand, we applaud you if you are doing your best to avoid toxic dairy and dairy alternatives!

Did you know that 91% of the soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified? For this reason, Soy Milk is one of the top foods to buy organically, since foods labeled 100% Organic cannot contain GM ingredients.

What are Some Good Milk Alternatives?

If soy products aren’t an option for you, there are many other alternatives. Nut milks made from nuts such as almond, hazelnut, pistachio, cashew, and macadamia are widely available. But beware that the price for these is grossly marked up. Generally, these products contain a handful of nuts and water. Hence, if you are up for a little DIY, this is a great product to nix from the grocery list and make yourself!

Check out a handy DIY guide for making your own nut milk at home here. You can also learn about other ways to enjoy these delicious beverages besides drinking them straight.

Other great milk alternatives include rice, oat, hemp, and coconut milk.

If you want more information on these milk alternatives, try your hand at more DIY milk-making, or test some more recipes, you’ll find everything you need HERE.

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