The pinnacle of fitness, or as the general public think, is having distinct ab muscles. Washboard abs. Six-pack. That’s what everyone’s chasing after. And as a lot of people may have discovered, getting ripped abs takes so much more work than just doing a hundred sit-ups everyday.

Then technology comes in. Designed to help with therapy and rehabilitation, EMS training is slowly making its way into the hands of consumers. It promises quicker and easier workouts, or even workouts without having to move at all! Just what is this exactly?


What is EMS?

EMS is the acronym for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Basically, it uses mild electrical currents to contract your muscles just like how your muscles are contracted when you exercise. It was initially made to help athletes and others who are suffering from paralysis maintain their muscle mass. Also, it can be used as a form of massage to alleviate muscle soreness.


The Rise of EMS Training

EMS training is gaining a small but solid following in the fitness scene. Gyms and fitness clinics are starting to offer this kind of training.

This brand new training system involves a specialized body suit that’s hooked up to a machine. This machine sends gentle electric currents in the suit to the user’s body. In order to make it more conductive, users are first sprayed with water before putting on the suit. Alright, so it sounds like a recipe for electrocution, but the current that goes into the suit is too low to cause harm.

The user can adjust the current strength to whatever’s comfortable. Then, he or she can proceed to do normal body weight exercises like squats, lunges, etc. or simply lie down and let the machine do all the work. Of course, a trained personnel oversees the whole process.

In this article, however, we’re going to talk about using EMS pads at home as a potential supplement or replace abs workout. For clarity’s sake, we’ll call the one with the body suit the “traditional” EMS training and the pads as “DIY” EMS training.


Pros and Cons of Traditional EMS Training

People who have tried traditional EMS training are all praises about this new exercise regime. Since a 20-minute session is suppose to equal about 2 whole hours of intense gym workout, focusing on busy people.

When used in tandem with some low-impact exercises, users get the benefits! The machine is contracting muscles and the user is contracting muscles – so much workout in one short session. This makes it easier to strengthen muscles.

On the flip side, you Cannot out exercise a bad diet and doing traditional EMS training – the one with the bodysuit – is pretty expensive. A session can cost you $50! There are also not that many places that offer this service since a dedicated person and special training is needed to operate the machine. Those interested would likely need to go out of their way to get to a gym or studio with an EMS machine.


Doing Abs Workout with Consumer-grade EMS Pads

When it comes to DIY EMS training, sure, the pads are easy to get and are pretty inexpensive. These pads come with controls as well so users can adjust the intensity to their liking. They’re also easy to put on, often coming with multi-use gel adhesives.

Sure, if you are unable to exercise or lead a sedentary life, you can indeed get a decent abs workout with these, even leg, arm, or shoulder exercises, depending on where you place the pads. However, it cannot and will not replace a routine that contracts all muscles or several muscles at once rather than “spot training.”

However, if we’re looking at a more holistic approach to being healthy and getting fit, there are far more things to consider than just muscle contraction. EMS pads cannot replace cardio exercises either. It’s not at all an aerobic workout. You will not sweat enough. These things will not help you build resistance and stamina.


First Step to Getting Defined Abs

A common misunderstanding that people who are trying to lose weight and get fit is that exercise or regular physical activity is enough to get them what they want. In reality, diet plays an equally large (or maybe even greater) role here.

Those people you see with such defined abs have a very low body fat percentage. You can indeed burn fat through exercise, but eating a poor diet will pretty much just negate your efforts. Besides, if you continue with your bad eating and lifestyle habits, by adding unwanted fat you’ll only be stuffing your body with more toxins – maybe even more than what you’re sweating out.

That’s why the first thing that you need to do before setting out to buy chocolate is a full body cleanse. Reset your palate. Break the bad habits. Our 21 Day full body detox cleanse program is just the right duration for that!

This full organic cleanse system is made up of professional-grade supplements geared towards cleansing your liver, stomach, colon, and all other organs. We need to sweep your body clean to make way for all the nutrients you’re going to start eating!

With that, you’ll also get a meal plan in the form of digital healthy recipes. Use this to learn how to eat right after the cleanse is complete. You’ll also get 10 free exercise videos – you can do these while wearing EMS pads if you want! To keep you informed and motivated, we’re also giving you 2 free fitness ebooks. Last but not the least, you’ll also get access to expert support 7 days a week!

Having a fit appearance isn’t complete fitness. It’s not the end-all and be-all of being healthy. Good health starts from the inside, so it’s very important to keep your insides spic and span by going on a detox cleanse! If you want those gorgeous abs, take the first step now – click the button and get the 21 day full body detox program!