Sure, toxins sound bad, but is it just a bunch of hype to scare you? The truth is toxins can create chaos in our body when we don’t eliminate them. You won’t feel the damage to your cells and tissues, making it easy to ignore and go back to your bad habits. In fact, the average person carries around 700 toxins in the body – most stored in fat on the body!

They’re Everywhere!

Toxins are “a chemical or poison that is known to have a harmful effect on the body” (Nemours Foundation). While the actual amounts of these toxins vary, all are easily deposited into the body to some degree. Plus, this encompasses only the ones we know about!

Two Type of Toxins: Exotoxins and Endotoxins

First, there are endotoxins. These are toxins produced inside the body. Whether created as waste products such as carbon dioxide, urea, and lactic acid, the body is cranking these out on a daily basis. Then there’s the case of an unhealthy gut. This comes from what we eat (exotoxins discussed below) and natural stuff created by the intestines themselves. Yes, some of these are eliminated from the body when other waste is excreted but not everything is gone.

Second are exotoxins are things made outside the body and are often eaten, inhaled, or absorbed into the body. Here are some examples of where you will find these exotoxins:

Air Pollution - Toxins - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

The air you breathe

Vehicle emissions, pollutants from factories or other businesses, and exposure to cigarette smoke are pollutants we encounter daily placing you in harm’s way of toxins.

House Cleaner Detergent Bleach - Toxins - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

Products you use

You buy them to help you look better or keep your house cleaner, but most of these products are made from synthetic chemicals that can harm your body. These products usually enter the by either being inhaled (cleaning products) or absorbed (cosmetics).

Processed Food - Toxins - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

The food you eat

Food additives, processed foods, genetically modified foods, food dyes, and chemical additives such as MSG and aspartame can all be considered toxins we consume. There are also chemicals found in small amounts on some produce.

Drugs Medicine - Toxins - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

Drugs (the good and bad kind)

When you use recreational or prescription drugs the liver has to work overtime to rid itself of these toxic chemicals.

What’s the real effect of toxins?

There are many proven effects toxins have on your health. Once a toxin is in your body it may have either an immediate effect or more chronic (long-term) impact. Most toxins we talk about here are ones that have a chronic impact. For example, the negative effect of smoking may not rear its ugly head for 20 years. However, the toxins are there, in the body, destroying healthy cells.  As I have stated many times on my radio show on 1310 The Ticket in Dallas Ft Worth, “ your body speaks to you every day, not in English, rather in symptoms. If you don’t listen to those symptoms it will speak louder, and you won’t like “louder”

What Can I Do?

Now that you have the facts, it’s time to take action. One of the most effective ways to enhance the function of your organs and glands which in turn promotes long-term weight loss could be a 21 day full body cleanse, which addressed all organs and glands, unlike most programs limited to the liver or colon. With the 21 Day Body Makeover provides a 360-degree approach to support and assist your body and mind, you will receive amazing tasting recipes, workout videos, bestselling book Three Minutes To a Strong Mind and Fit Body and cleansing support from a doctor to succeed on the program. All these things work synergistically assisting your organs to work at their optimal levels which in turn helps for faster fat loss and more easily maintain a healthy weight.


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