salad days 1328954 639x479Toxic thoughts are a hidden factor that can sabotage weight loss despite an effort to exercise and eat well. Weight loss relies on sticking to new habits for the long term. If you don’t change your belief system about self-care, getting derailed by that break room donut or slice of mom’s homemade pie will be all too easy and frequent. 

Because lasting weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint, having a positive outlook about clean eating will sustain and fuel your long-term motivation to stay the course. In fact, the right attitude will make it seem less like effort and more like self-care.

Changing lifestyle habits and thought patterns is very hard. But eventually, those new habits turn into effortless routines. If you remember the reason why you want to lose weight, healthy eating will not feel like a chore.

Motivate yourself by self-love not judgment and you’ll have more energy to stay consistent.
Nutritionist Cynthia Sass says her weight loss clients get tripped up on 5 common thoughts below. Shifting your mindset is the best medicine for defeating these limiting beliefs, which is just as important for success as clean food and exercise.

1) Healthy foods are a chore to eat.

Healthy foods like salmon, avocado, fresh fruit, almond butter, and dark chocolate are delicious. Go in with an open mind and willingness to try new foods and your tastes will eventually adjust. You can train your palate like you train a dog. It will want and expect what you give it. Eventually, your old treats will taste too sweet, rich or heavy. Eating healthy is a chore if you think it is, but it can also be satisfying.

2) I can’t get full from a healthy meal.

Healthy food is full of fiber, protein, fat, and water, which all fill you up. Often people relate satiation with being overly full. In reality, you will need to eat less nutrient dense food to feel full. And it’s harder to overeat. That feeling of fullness you’re after is not healthy.

3) Food makes me happy.

Food is one of life’s pleasures. Keep enjoying your food. Healthy doesn’t mean boring. Learning to cook, finding creative recipes and being inspired by healthy friends, celebrity chefs or bloggers can open up a whole new culinary world. Feel happy about your food choices but don’t eat to comfort yourself or fill an emotional void.

4) I don’t have enough time (to eat right)

If you don’t have time to eat right, you also don’t have time to get sick from a bad diet. Eating healthy might take more planning and work but eventually, it will become a habit you don’t have to think about. And healthy meal delivery services are popping up all over the place for people who are truly crunched for time. Remember, taking care of yourself is always an investment with a huge pay off.

5) It’s too hard to be different

Social pressure is the toughest mindset to get over. We all want to fit in and enjoy ourselves. But frankly, the way most people eat is unhealthy it won’t make you look or feel good. Make friends with people who also like to eat healthily, or bring a yummy potluck dish you can enjoy to a party. Or eat before a dinner that you know will tempt you. Planning ahead is the key to not feeling deprived. And if your friends are questioning your food choices or trying to tempt you, remember that no one like change, it’s threatening. Staying strong will not only change your life for the better but will also quietly inspire others. At the end of the day, remember that you are eating for yourself, not for anyone else. Your reward will be good health, higher self-esteem and better fitting pants.

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