The COVID-19, better known as the novel coronavirus or the Wuhan Virus, is a respiratory virus that’s part of the Coronaviridae family. It’s similar to SARS-CoV and MERS-Cov in the way they usually begin with breathing problems. 

Dr. Nicole Saphier, a medical contributor for Fox News, details how the COVID-19 works upon infection. 

COVID-19 Coronavirus | 21 Day Full Body CleanseCOVID-19 Starts with the Lungs

The 2019 coronavirus starts by attacking small vessels in the lungs. These vessels then excrete fluids, which fill up the air sacs in the lungs. As a result, the patient develops pneumonia. So far, it’s not yet life-threatening. But if your immune system cannot handle the stress, this could progress to Acute Respiratory Distress System (ARDS). 

With a compromised lung, it’s now more difficult for the body to get and transport oxygen via blood. Blood vessels try to compensate for the oxygen transport problem by dilating. The immune system also does this when trying to combat infections.

Dilated blood vessels can cause blood pressure to plummet down to dangerous levels. This condition can cause damage to the brain, heart, kidneys, liver, and other organs. The patient can develop Sepsis Syndrome, where organ failure usually occurs. 

Ways of Transfer

The first symptoms are coughing and sneezing, which could be accompanied by a fever. The virus is transferred via droplets – flecks of saliva shot out when one coughs or sneezes. You can be infected when you:

  • Are directly coughed on or sneezed on
  • Touch a surface that an infected person coughed or sneezed on and then touch your face without washing your hand

Those are the main ways of infection. However, Dr. Saphier revealed that they also found traces of the virus in stool and blood samples. This opens up the possibility of contracting the disease via:

  • Blood to blood contact
  • Feces to mouth via unwashed hands

Are You At Risk?

Dr. Saphier says that it’s not so much the virus’ damage but more about how your body responds against it that can lead to recovery or death.

BOTTOMLINE: If you have a weak or compromised Immune System, you are more susceptible to contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Those who should watch out are:

  • People in advanced age
  • Patients with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, fatty liver, and the likes
  • Those currently battling diseases
  • Overweight and obese individuals with fat-clogged cells

These conditions are already hurdles for the immune system. Add a virus on top of that and the whole system would be hard-pressed to fight it.

How to Protect Yourself Against COVID-19

The first thing to do is DO NOT PANIC. There is no need to panic-buy surgical face masks. If you are well and are not taking care of an infected patient, then all you have to do is to prevent yourself from getting infected. You can do so by:

Practicing Proper Hygiene

As you can see, the highest risk of infection is interacting with unwashed hands. Regular and proper handwashing is essential in keeping yourself virus-free. If you do not have access to running water and soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are your second best bet.

Increasing Your Immuno-boosting Food Intake

Incorporating food that boost your immune system in your diet is easy. You might already be eating them – just up the volume! Some of these are:

  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Citrus fruits
  • Green Tea
  • Almonds
  • Turmeric
  • Kimchi and other fermented food

Cleaning Out Your Lymphatic System

The body’s lymphatic system plays an integral part in your immune system’s fight against threats like COVID-19 coronavirus. It produces immune cells and transports them around the body to fight infection. It is also responsible for shepherding toxins and other waste to your lymph nodes for expulsion.

If your lymphatic system is clogged, your antibodies will not be able to fight infection properly. That’s why you need to make sure your lymphatic fluids are draining properly. You can do this through:

  • Getting enough exercise and movement
  • Practicing deep breathing
  • Dry brushing
  • Keeping hydrated
  • Going on a holistic detox cleanse like our 21 Day Full Body Cleanse

Taking Supplements that Strengthen Your Immune System

Most of the time, we can’t get all the nutrients we want from food alone. For example, we need sunlight to get Vitamin D3, an essential vitamin for building up our immune system. That’s why taking the right supplements is important if you want to protect yourself against COVID-19.

If you don’t want the hassle of trying to figure out what:

  • supplements to take
  • dishes to make
  • exercise to do

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