First things first – I have never tried a cleanse before. In fact, I mocked those who did cleanses while eating bacon cheeseburgers. However, that was when I was eighteen and the Alfredo, burgers, bags of chips and other horribly delicious foods never seemed to affect my health or weight.

Eventually, though, my eating habits caught up with me and after graduating college I, Megan Bradford, had a diploma with my name on it as well as about forty extra pounds on my small five foot two frame. With the goal to lose weight, I began my journey. I ate a thousand calories a day and worked out between one and two hours a day and over the course of a year managed to lose twenty pounds.

What I didn’t realize was that in doing so my metabolism and my health had taken a major hit. I was skinnier, but more undernourished than ever before. I needed a new way of doing things, a smarter way, one that gave my body plenty of nutrients and boosted my metabolism so that I didn’t have to spend hours in the gym every day or starve myself to fit into my beloved skinny jeans.

And that is where this story really begins.

I first became acquainted with George Digianni while researching burst training and he soon had me convinced that with the proper nutrition, supplement and exercise plan anyone (including me and my slow metabolism) could benefit from proper cleansing. So, with a wedding looming on the horizon and a dream dress as my goal, I decided to go ahead and try to 21 Day Full Body Cleanse offered on his website.

I was still a bit skeptical of George’s large claims for increased energy, better sleep, improved mood, and even clearer skin. So, to test these claims for myself, I decided to record all of my observations about my experience with the 21 Day Full Body Cleanse to help others who are wanting to become not just skinny, but healthy. If you are starting the 21 Day Full Body Makeover yourself, feel free to follow along with my blog from week to week. If you are just curious about the program, I hope that my experiences will make you more informed.

Let’s get going, shall we?

Day 1

After getting my box a few days before, going grocery shopping for plenty of vegetables and spices, and pumping myself up for twenty one days of no starchy carbohydrates or processed food, I was finally ready to begin. My fridge was full, I had a new blender, and the containers of MediClear SGS and supplements were lined up on my counter in a neat little row, begging to be opened.

Remember when I said I had never done a cleanse before? I was both nervous and excited when I finally opened all the bottles and began to make my first shake. Was it going to taste good? Was I going to be stuck in the bathroom all day? Was I going to have enough energy without bread or pasta to do intense burst training every day?

Despite my worries, I made the basic chocolate shake recipe for breakfast – I figured starting out with the simplest shake would give me a better idea of what the powder really tasted like. Turns out, it was very drinkable. In fact, the rich taste of the chocolate had a lot of potential and I knew I was going to be experimenting the first few days to find my preference. I did have the problem of it being too thick and sticking to my blender so stubbornly I had to use a spoon to get it out. I made a mental note to add more almond milk the next day.

The rest of my day went just as planned. I didn’t notice any immediate changes other than going to the bathroom a couple more times than normal. I definitely didn’t spend all day stuck on the toilet, which was one of my worries. After my healthy dinner of salmon and broccoli, I felt very accomplished and excited for the next day.

Day 2

I got up easier than normal but when I got to the mirror I noticed that my face had broken out in bumps. Yikes! I realized I hadn’t exercised the day before, and obviously my body had too many toxins and not enough sweat to expel them.

I decided to remedy my mistake and go for an extended exercise session that consisted of dance and yoga. To my surprise, even without my starchy carbs, I had plenty of energy for exercising. I know I should have done the burst training exercises in the program, but I wasn’t quite ready to face that yet (sorry George!).

After my exercise session the first carb-craving hit me, but I satisfied it with a small green apple which are one of the few fruits on the eating protocol, and are supposed to be consumed as little as possible to promote fat loss. I figured it was an emergency and splurged!

Day 3

On day three I tried the Ultimate Brownie Shake Recipe instead of the basic chocolate – WOW! It took the shake from pretty good to amazing, and it really did taste like a brownie. When it was gone, I found myself staring down into the bottom of the glass wishing I had more.

I was still having an easy time following the eating protocol, and cooked a delicious salmon with a Dijon glaze.

Day 4

On day four I began to notice my first ill effects. I woke up extremely late with no energy, and remained lethargic throughout the day. George told me that my body was experiencing toxin overload, and that I had so many toxins in my system that it was causing me to feel sick. Luckily, he said that if I kept on eating right and making sure to drink plenty of water that the toxins would be eliminated. I exercised even though I felt exhausted and decided to power through it.

Day 5

Sure enough, by the next day I felt better. In the afternoon I was weirdly happy and experienced an energy burst. Along with the increased energy, I noticed that I wasn’t experiencing any cravings, even for the small amount of fruit I had been consuming. I cut out my green apple.

Even though felt better, my face still hadn’t cleared up. I figured that I wasn’t sweating enough to get rid of the impurities in my system, and became determined to do an intense burst training session the next day to try and clear my face.

Day 6

I managed to get through 15 minutes of super intense burst training before lying on my floor, utterly exhausted and contemplating giving up on life. I had never felt so weak when working out before! As a person used to longer, less intense work outs burst training was definitely a challenge. Luckily, I happen to enjoy challenges and as I got up from my hard wood floor and examined the embarrassing outline of my body left there by my sweat, I vowed that I would get the hang of burst training before the twenty one days were up.

Day 7

By the end of the first week, I decided to measure my waist, hips, and neck for any signs of fat loss. They were slight, but definitely there. I was worried that I wasn’t losing weight fast enough, but George assured me that if I had lost a lot right away it would not have been fat, but water. By losing more slowly, I was actually losing inches for good.

Encouraged, I celebrated my progress with a large Italian salad for lunch.


Learn from my trial and error with some important tips:

-EXERCISE! I completely underestimated the importance of the exercise protocol. This program truly is a full body cleanse, and the best results can only be achieved when you make sure to sweat your butt off. Plus, it can help prevent the day 4 energy slump and unsightly acne from cropping up.

-Save time by buying individually packaged chicken and salmon for recipes. At night, I just threw a frozen chicken breast or salmon filet into the fridge and by the morning they were perfectly thawed and ready for use! It saved me tons of time defrosting in the microwave or waiting for the fish to thaw under running water, and since I’m not a patient person it helped ensure that I didn’t give in to bad habits.

-Ginger lemon water tastes great, gives an energy burst and helps to stop unhealthy cravings. I made a pitcher at the beginning of the day and refilled it every time I poured a glass.

Week 1 Results

Since it was the first week, I didn’t expect to see any significant changes. That being said, I saw the first hints of fat loss, stopped craving sugar, caffeine, and starchy carbs completely, and enjoyed deeper and more restful sleep after the day 4 slump. I’m excited to see what will happen during week 2!

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