Most people feel they’re doing their body a great service by doing a cleanse—and they are. But there’s one secret you must know about your cells and the way they handle toxins. The little-known science you are about to learn will help you to amp up the efficacy of any cleanse. In fact, without this knowledge—most of what you do health and fitness wise is only skimming the surface of your overall body health.

There is nothing better than clearing your body of toxins by gently encouraging the body to do what it was meant to do in the first place. Any chemical or herbal “stimulation” is counterproductive and only knocks the body off its natural rhythm. Which brings us to where the real cleansers are in the body — the brain.

Your Cells and their Connection to the Brain and Body Systems

So what do your cells and your brain have to do with cleaning the body? What do they do apart from sending a signal to your organs through the brain to “flush” toxins from it? But first, we need to educate you on what Peptides are and the role they play in the cells.

The Anatomy of Cell Peptides

Every individual cell has a combination of two amino acids held together in a chain called a Peptide. These Peptides have a few jobs they do for the body—but—for the sake of this discussion, we will stick to toxin absorption and removal. Toxins enter our body from more than just what we eat and drink, and our body does a pretty decent job of clearing it. But toxins are also absorbed by the organs from within our own body. That’s right, we run five miles, take a colon cleanse and then proceed to poison ourselves with none other but our thoughts. Now hang on—before you roll your eyes and dismiss this already as being some Voodoo philosophy—hear it out because you may be surprised at how much sense it makes.

How We Poison Our Body with the Mind

When we think negatively, our brain releases a ton of chemicals. They’re neuropeptides to be exact— and others, for example, cortisol —you know—the belly fat maker, and that’s just one. This toxic chemical cocktail will flood cell peptides. If you are a chronic negative thinker then something crazy happens when those cells divide into tiny little replicas of themselves. Your cells replicate this way every 30 days. When they are “programmed” for 30 days with a negative emotion like worry, fear, and anger, they will stay that way until you give them 30 days of positive emotion like love, laughter, joy, appreciation, etc. This will release more benevolent chemicals. This will help your organs flush and function the way it was meant to.

Note: It’s not to say that you need to keep a positive attitude 24/7 to achieve healthier cells and body.

What Next?

Before you get all bent out of shape and think “My goodness I have to monitor every thought or emotion in order to be healthy”—here is an important note. The cell will only be drawn to replicate in the form that it is in most of the time. If you’re fairly balanced in your emotions, you’ll likely get is a mixed bag of good and bad. A normally happy person with only occasional negative emotions will have cells that replicate with good chemicals. If you are a naturally negative minded person—your cells will replicate with the bad stuff.

The good news is, you can change it by choice and practice. Doing cleanses for the body is a great idea. This should be done with the most gentle non-stimulating ingredients. But remember, it is defeating the purpose if you don’t clean the mind and the cells first.