When people hear the words “do cardio”, most automatically think about long stretches of boring (steady paced) hours feeling like a hamster on the treadmill. In reality, there are loads of other cardio workout styles you can do to strengthen your heart and lungs, build stamina, and even lose weight!

If those things can’t get you going, in the spirit of Halloween, let’s look at it another way. If you were in one of those slasher films or classic zombie movie, would you survive? Or would the psycho villain catch up on you right away because of your abysmal fitness?

To be the last man standing at the end of a horror flick, you have to do your cardio workout. Pair this with clean eating and regular full body cleansing, you’ll be able to outrun and outlive even the most persistent scary bad guys in sequels! Here are the different cardio exercises you can do:


Get away from knife-wielding masked killers by SPRINTING up and down stairs.

Sprinting requires an explosion of energy right off the bat, making it an anaerobic exercise. This means your fast-twitch muscles are used – they’re the ones that produce lactic acid. Your body then turns this lactic acid back into energy. If you have a low lactate threshold, your body quickly reaches a point where it cannot convert lactic acid anymore. As a result, you’ll cramp up or slow down.

Doing sprints will push your lactate threshold up and maintain a fast pace for longer. You can build up strength and endurance that’ll allow you to rush up & down stairs and widen the gap fast between you and that crazed masked knife murderer! Sprint to safety! P.S you’ll become leaner sooner with a sprint workout (same explosiveness using weights) than steady state aerobic training.


Train for prolonged survival mode by doing HIIT Workouts.

In these horror movies, we often see survivors trying to keep themselves alive by always being on the move. Even when they hole up in a fort to keep an undead army out, they don’t just sit on their butts – there’s a lot of patrolling, lifting, supplies gathering and other labor-intensive things that desk-centric jobs these days do not train you for.

To make your body fit enough to adapt to that kind of daily labor, you can do HIIT exercises. This exercise routine gives you a full body workout without even needing special equipment if you opt for a bodyweight workout! All you need is some space.

HIIT is magnificent for losing weight because it helps you burn calories until well after the end of your workout! This is thanks to Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). When you do HIIT, your body consumes a lot more oxygen, which enables you to burn fat nine times quicker. This effect lasts even after you’ve finished working out! On top of being a good cardio workout, it’s also great at developing and maintaining lean muscles, improves circulation, and can even keep you young!


Don’t get pulled under by creepy underwater monsters by developing strong SWIMMING skills.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have aerobic exercises that use lots of oxygen. This involves a lot of reps and a prolonged active state. Swimming is one such activity. It’s a low impact way of helping you reap the benefits of cardiovascular fitness as well as improve your flexibility, coordination, posture, and balance. While swimming is also a great way to build strength and increase your endurance, it’s also rather relaxing and can be therapeutic for some forms of injuries. Of course, that’s not the case when you’re swimming away from something that’s out to get you, but at least, if you’ve trained in swimming, your heart and lungs will be strong enough to sustain you until help comes!


Escape a haunted island by ROWING that boat!

A common horror movie scenario involves a mysterious house surrounded by some sort of pond or lake. Somehow, there always seems to be a boat conveniently abandoned by the shore. Those who want to escape have to row themselves to safety. Of course, they’re likely also being chased by the bad guy in a boat!

Rowing is another low-impact cardio workout that’s great for preserving your joints! From afar, it seems like such a simple exercise, but it’s actually a full body workout! Your arms and back work when you push the oars while your legs come into action when you pull. It’s not all upper body!


There’s really no other way to not be bitten by zombies besides RUNNING.

Whether we’re talking about George Romero-style slow shambling undead or Rob Zombie’s fast frantic living corpses, when you’re caught in a zombie storm, there’s really no other thing to do but run!

Running (jogging) differs from sprinting in that the mechanics of your body are, and look different than a jogger and  it requires more oxygen and fewer power bursts. You have to maintain a pace for a long time, which is precisely what you need to maintain the distance between you and the undead horde. It’s also the most basic cardio workout there is. Instead of doing this on a treadmill, why not go around your block, a park, or try trail running?


Outlast and overpower bad guys through KETTLEBELL workouts.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one workout, there’s nothing like the kettlebell. It’s a cardio workout and strength training in one! Kettlebell workouts help you develop functional strength – this is the kind of strength that you need to do everyday things like walking up stairs, carrying things, or chasing after buses and trains. It will make doing these things easier, prevent injuries, and gives you more energy!

Also, kettlebell workouts help keep not only your muscles strong but also your joints. This will make you more flexible, mobile, and stable. And since you need to mind every movement – every swing, every lift and drop – when you do kettlebell workouts, your focus and coordination will also improve!

So, if you’re being chased by bad guys, having the overall strong body and mind that kettlebell training can give you will no doubt help you outlast your enemy through strength, endurance, and presence of mind!


Supplement your cardio workout by regularly doing a FULL BODY CLEANSE.

Whether you’re preparing for a horror movie-style apocalypse or just want to survive life in general, keeping your body in optimal working condition is the key. Performing cardio workout plays a big role in achieving this, but what’s particularly crucial is the state of your internals.

Living an urban lifestyle makes it inevitable for us to encounter toxins. Even if we eat clean, whole foods, the air we breathe and our stress levels bring in those pesky things. Toxins not only cause inflammation and make our bodies susceptible to diseases – they also affect our brain functions by clogging certain pathways.

In order to get rid of toxins, you need to do a full body cleanse regularly. Our 21-day organic full body detox program packs all the necessary components that are needed for a good, thorough, holistic body cleanse. Our supplements are professional-grade and organic, each targeting specific systems while working together to give you a thorough detox cleanse.

On top of the supplements, you’ll also get 10 easy-to-follow exercise videos that will help you sweat your toxins out. There are also ebooks and videos of healthy meal recipes you can follow to improve your eating habits. You’ll also get 2 fitness ebooks that will take care of your heart and mind. To top it all off, you’ll also get access to expert support 7 days a week!

Sure, facing a scenario exactly like ones in horror movies can be pretty far-fetched. But the fitness level that you need in order to survive those is also the same one you need to survive real-life disasters and emergency situations. It’s best to always be prepared, so click the button below and take the first step towards a better, fitter you!


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