Caffeine Detoxification | 21 Day Full Body CleanseThe challenges of health are multifaceted

Eating healthy, burning fat and detoxifying your body are not merely physical challenges. They are mental, emotional processes as well.

Has emotional instability ever affected your eating habits? Of course it has! That’s why at 21 Day Body Makeover we believe in detoxifying yourself of any substance that causes imbalance or decreases your ability to make the best choices for your well-being. Detoxification may sound too clinical and complicated. But with our program, you’ll find that cleansing your inner body isn’t too hard.

Caffeine isn’t all that great.

One of those choices is consuming coffee and/or caffeine every day. A new study by John Hopkins Medical School found that only those addicted to caffeine performed better after having it. Therefore, you could say that the only benefit they’re getting is the short-term reversal of caffeine withdrawal.

In addition to caffeine NOT helping you perform better, it also negatively affects your emotional well-being and your sleep habits. These two aspects of your life will GREATLY influence your ability to stick with a detox program and live a healthy lifestyle.

Be selective about what you consume

Health is about more than what you consume, but what you consume can either help or hinder the other aspects of your life. Eating and drinking in a fashion that encourages proper rest and emotional stability will support your goals in weight loss, detoxification and healthy living.

For more information on how caffeine affects sleep and well-being, click here.

Start your caffeine detoxification today

There’s no better time than to begin that detox than today. Learn more about our 21 Day Full Body Cleanse here.