How to be Healthier This Scroll Free September

As we mentioned in our previous blog, your body’s disposition towards being healthier peaks during autumn. As the first month of this beautiful orange season, September presents itself as the gateway to picking up all your new year’s resolutions and seeing them through until the end of the year. Just as the first -ber month heralds your body’s second wind for wellness, and we did say that the best way to do that is by starting a full body cleanse, you wouldn’t be able to get far if you don’t ditch those bad habits that contributed to your being unhealthy thus far. One of those is spending too much time looking at screens. The movement Scroll Free September aims to challenge everyone - youth and [...]

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September is the Best Month to Start a Cleanse

Finally, the summer heat has ebbed, giving way to cooler breeze and a gentler atmosphere. September signals the coming of successive holidays, bringing excitement along with its crisp air. One would think that with Halloween and turkey season just around the corner, people would’ve given up on getting fit a long time ago. On the contrary, recent studies show that fall is actually the optimum time to work on your wellness!   September: What does the first month of fall bring? Life coach Donna Lancaster said that autumn is actually the prime time for reflection and growth. After spending the past couple of months soaking up the sun and trying to achieve the ultimate “holiday”, summers prove to be more hectic than relaxing, especially if [...]

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Anti-Cancer Diet: Can the Keto Diet Stop Cancer Cell Growth?

With all the positive claims surrounding the ketogenic diet, the buzz mainly deals with its amazing effects on quick and sustainable weight loss. But did you know, studies have shown that doing this diet can actually kill a cancer cell?   What causes cancer? If you search online, it will seem like every single thing in this world can cause cancer. For one, toxins we encounter in our daily lives are culprits. Sticking to fresh, organic food can lessen the risk, but even our cooking methods could produce cancer-causing toxins. Too much stress, while not directly causing cancer cell development, makes your body weaker and more prone to developing the disease. This is why we recommend going on a full body detox cleanse three times per [...]

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Keto Diet Menu for Beginners

So you like everything you’ve heard about the ketogenic diet and would love to get started right away. You're searching for keto diet menu plans. Great! Did you know that detoxing for weight loss would be more sustainable if you complement it with the keto diet? The perfect way to ensure that the pounds you shed off stay gone is by first cleansing away all the toxin build up in your cells. Going on a well-balanced holistic detox program like our 21-day body makeover program will help you jumpstart your weight loss journey the right way. Now, contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t starve while you detox or cleanse. That’s why we’re recommending doing the keto diet at the same time to make sure you [...]

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Should you really do the apple cider vinegar diet?

Are you looking for an organic, natural way to safely lose weight? Apple cider vinegar is creating all the buzz online, but let's see how it fares against scientifically-proven weight loss systems like our 21-day body makeover program. We’ve heard about apple cider vinegar as the new magic potion for fast weight loss. This solution that has been used for thousands of years as a form of medicine shot to fame recently, hailed by celebrities as the secret to their gorgeous bodies. But what exactly is this liquid and what makes it so effective in making you shed the pounds?   What is Apple Cider Vinegar Basically, apple cider vinegar is fermented apple juice. To make ACV, you have to crush an apple, extract the [...]

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How to be Fit Like Players in US Open Tennis 2018

The 2018 US Open tennis finals is right around the corner. Your jaw must’ve dropped at least a couple of times by just how amazing the reflexes of these players are. Crowd favorites like Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer have been doing this for what seems like forever, but they’re showing no signs of letting up even when playing against much younger opponents. Of course, constant practice and years of experience play a part in their marvelous gameplay. But in order to do that, these US Open superstars also need to keep their bodies in top shape. Now, you’re probably imagining days and nights spent struggling in the gym, everything looking grayish and smelling faintly of sweat and sanitizer. It sounds [...]

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