Sugar is the Enemy of Your Detoxification Goals

Sugar is More Than the Enemy of Your Weight Loss Goals Sugar is the fuel for cancer. Ridding your body of unnatural chemicals and toxins is one of the major factors in reducing your risks of cancer and disease. To do this, you need to know the different types of sugars that you can ingest. This can appear on food labels under different names, such as: dextrose fructose fruit juice concentrates glucose invert sugar maltose Don't be fooled by those typical "healthy" snacks either like granola or wheat thins. Companies are getting more cunning when it comes to labels. They might use synonyms to these ones we mentioned in order to make you think there's much less of the sweet stuff in their product than [...]

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Is there such a thing as healthy alcohol consumption?

One of the greatest health “urban legends” about alcohol is that, in small amounts, it promotes health and longevity. The truth is that there have been few scientific studies to back up this myth. Despite this, red wine has gotten a lot of good press as being healthy. It is considered the healthiest type of alcohol because it contains resveratrol, an antioxidant associated with longevity. Red wine is also associated with the Mediterranean diet. It has been touted as a heart-healthy diet that lowers the risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. However, don’t confuse alcohol with the component of the Mediterranean diet responsible for these protective health benefits. It’s much more likely to be the copious amounts of fresh veggies, minimal sweets and [...]

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Toxins 101: What You Need to Know

Sure, toxins sound bad, but is it just a bunch of hype to scare you? The truth is toxins can create chaos in our body when we don’t eliminate them. You won’t feel the damage to your cells and tissues, making it easy to ignore and go back to your bad habits. In fact, the average person carries around 700 toxins in the body – most stored in fat on the body! They’re Everywhere! Toxins are “a chemical or poison that is known to have a harmful effect on the body” (Nemours Foundation). While the actual amounts of these toxins vary, all are easily deposited into the body to some degree. Plus, this encompasses only the ones we know about! Two Type of Toxins: Exotoxins and Endotoxins First, there are endotoxins. These are toxins produced [...]

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Mood and Emotions While Cleansing

Going on a full body cleanse is an important step towards weight loss and overall good health. However, your body may exhibit symptoms while it adapts to the positive change. These symptoms can include heightened emotions and mood changes while cleansing. To give you a good picture of what to expect when you go on our 21-day Full Body Cleanse program, here's a health expert's personal findings. An Expert's Notes While Cleansing Nutritionist and coach, Alix Barth, gives us an intimate peak at her 21-Day Body Makeover cleanse experience. Alix makes cleansing seem approachable and doable and even expounds on what to expect in the second week of cleansing. She take us through what foods she’s eaten during days 10, 11 and 12, and openly [...]

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8 Signs That You Need to Detox

Sometimes minor health complaints like low energy, headaches, environmental allergies, skin break-outs, and unexplained weight gain can result from a toxic body. The effects of stress, alcohol, toxins, and a poor diet can slow down the body’s ability to clean itself, leaving people feeling sluggish and lifeless - creating a great need to detox. Before going to the doctor for pharmaceutical help, try giving your body a break. A little self-care can support the body to heal itself. So what are the signs that you need to detox? There are many, but let’s break it down the 8 most common ones. 1. Depression Doctors prescribe medication for depression, but if the problem is toxicity, it can make it worse. For light depression try a detox [...]

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How to Spend a Keto-Friendly Christmas

With the holidays fast approaching, everyone’s getting excited about all the parties and feasts we’re about to attend! If you want to keep that holiday weight off, you don’t have to hide in a lonesome corner away from all the scrumptious food. Choosing what you eat based on the ketogenic diet will help you enjoy the food that comes with the season without suffering from unwanted bulges afterward! If you’re not already on the Keto diet, here’s a handy guide on the different kinds. You can choose one that fits your lifestyle and get ready to embark on a keto-friendly Christmas!   Prepare for your Keto Christmas with a Keto Cleanse! Starting off with a detox cleanse to get your body ready for the holidays is a [...]

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