Holiday Weight Gain Facts & Tips

Contrary to popular belief, people who aren’t already overweight or obese gain only roughly 2lbs. from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. This seems like a rather small number to lose, but here’s the painful truth: chances are, you’d still be in an indulgent mood a week or so into January, or give up right around March and end up gaining even more weight than you set out to lose. In fact, studies have shown that people don’t even lose the weight they gain over the winter months throughout the rest of the year. This extra 1lb or so gets stuck on your body, with one more pound piling on as each year passes. That collectively equals to a whopping 10-20lbs in a decade! The Real Culprit [...]

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Why You Need to Do Cardio Workout According to Horror Movies

When people hear the words “do cardio”, most automatically think about long stretches of boring (steady paced) hours feeling like a hamster on the treadmill. In reality, there are loads of other cardio workout styles you can do to strengthen your heart and lungs, build stamina, and even lose weight! If those things can’t get you going, in the spirit of Halloween, let’s look at it another way. If you were in one of those slasher films or classic zombie movie, would you survive? Or would the psycho villain catch up on you right away because of your abysmal fitness? To be the last man standing at the end of a horror flick, you have to do your cardio workout. Pair this with clean eating [...]

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Are EMS Pads Good for Your Abs Workout?

The pinnacle of fitness, or as the general public think, is having distinct ab muscles. Washboard abs. Six-pack. That’s what everyone’s chasing after. And as a lot of people may have discovered, getting ripped abs takes so much more work than just doing a hundred sit-ups everyday. Then technology comes in. Designed to help with therapy and rehabilitation, EMS training is slowly making its way into the hands of consumers. It promises quicker and easier workouts, or even workouts without having to move at all! Just what is this exactly?   What is EMS? EMS is the acronym for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Basically, it uses mild electrical currents to contract your muscles just like how your muscles are contracted when you exercise. It was initially [...]

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How to be Healthier This Scroll Free September

As we mentioned in our previous blog, your body’s disposition towards being healthier peaks during autumn. As the first month of this beautiful orange season, September presents itself as the gateway to picking up all your new year’s resolutions and seeing them through until the end of the year. Just as the first -ber month heralds your body’s second wind for wellness, and we did say that the best way to do that is by starting a full body cleanse, you wouldn’t be able to get far if you don’t ditch those bad habits that contributed to your being unhealthy thus far. One of those is spending too much time looking at screens. The movement Scroll Free September aims to challenge everyone - youth and [...]

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September is the Best Month to Start a Cleanse

Finally, the summer heat has ebbed, giving way to cooler breeze and a gentler atmosphere. September signals the coming of successive holidays, bringing excitement along with its crisp air. One would think that with Halloween and turkey season just around the corner, people would’ve given up on getting fit a long time ago. On the contrary, recent studies show that fall is actually the optimum time to work on your wellness!   September: What does the first month of fall bring? Life coach Donna Lancaster said that autumn is actually the prime time for reflection and growth. After spending the past couple of months soaking up the sun and trying to achieve the ultimate “holiday”, summers prove to be more hectic than relaxing, especially if [...]

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Can the Keto Diet Stop Cancer Cell Growth?

With all the positive claims surrounding the ketogenic diet, the buzz mainly deals with its amazing effects on quick and sustainable weight loss. But did you know, studies have shown that doing this diet can actually kill a cancer cell?   What causes cancer? If you search online, it will seem like every single thing in this world can cause cancer. For one, toxins we encounter in our daily lives are culprits. Sticking to fresh, organic food can lessen the risk, but even our cooking methods could produce cancer-causing toxins. Too much stress, while not directly causing cancer cell development, makes your body weaker and more prone to developing the disease. This is why we recommend going on a full body detox cleanse three times per [...]

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