Will a High-Fat Diet Make You Fat?

Fat: What is it, and can it help you lose weight? A common belief among dieters and saying among weight-loss marketers is that “low-fat” diets are the road to skinny success. As we explain in our FAQ page, low-fat diets aren’t always effective, sustainable, nor enjoyable! Before you cut fat completely out of your diet, listen to our tips on how to choose good fats over bad fats to become a healthier and happier woman. We’ll guide you through some basic facts on fat, and then prove to you why the low-fat belief is false.   Trans fats The vast majority of trans fats are artificially created. These fats raise LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels and are considered “empty calories” by the FDA. MayoClinic says that [...]

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What is the Right Type of Ketogenic Diet for You?

We’ve been emphasizing the benefits of the keto diet since we’ve personally seen its power when it comes to improving blood chemistry and weight loss. Our first-hand experience gave us the much-needed insight in developing our very own Keto Cleanse! This keto detox cleanse system is specially designed to ease you into this diet smoothly with minimal side effects. If you’ve read our previous post about the right way to do the keto diet, it would’ve given you the impression that there’s only one “correct” way to do it. However, there are actually several types of ketogenic diet! Depending on your lifestyle, there’s one that will bring you optimal results. Here are the types of Ketogenic Diet Standard (SKD) This type of ketogenic diet is what [...]

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How to Feast and Stay Healthy This Thanksgiving via Keto

We explored the myth of the “holiday weight” in our previous blog. Put simply, two truths conflict with popularly held beliefs about this issue. First, a person that’s not overweight nor obese normally gains 1-2lbs over the holidays. Second, people almost never lose these few pounds their whole lives, that’s why they end up 10-20lbs. heavier each decade. Now that the first wave of feasting a.k.a. Thanksgiving or Turkey Day is right around the corner, you might be tempted to dive into dishes with reckless abandon. However, if you don’t want to grow a dress or shirt size larger every few years, follow our tips below to avoid holiday weight gain. Also, learn how to start the next year in the best condition with our Keto [...]

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Holiday Weight Gain Facts & Tips

Contrary to popular belief, people who aren’t already overweight or obese gain only roughly 2lbs. from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. This seems like a rather small number to lose, but here’s the painful truth: chances are, you’d still be in an indulgent mood a week or so into January, or give up right around March and end up gaining even more weight than you set out to lose. In fact, studies have shown that people don’t even lose the weight they gain over the winter months throughout the rest of the year. This extra 1lb or so gets stuck on your body, with one more pound piling on as each year passes. That collectively equals to a whopping 10-20lbs in a decade! The Real Culprit [...]

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Why You Need to Do Cardio Workout According to Horror Movies

When people hear the words “do cardio”, most automatically think about long stretches of boring (steady paced) hours feeling like a hamster on the treadmill. In reality, there are loads of other cardio workout styles you can do to strengthen your heart and lungs, build stamina, and even lose weight! If those things can’t get you going, in the spirit of Halloween, let’s look at it another way. If you were in one of those slasher films or classic zombie movie, would you survive? Or would the psycho villain catch up on you right away because of your abysmal fitness? To be the last man standing at the end of a horror flick, you have to do your cardio workout. Pair this with clean eating [...]

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Are EMS Pads Good for Your Abs Workout?

The pinnacle of fitness, or as the general public think, is having distinct ab muscles. Washboard abs. Six-pack. That’s what everyone’s chasing after. And as a lot of people may have discovered, getting ripped abs takes so much more work than just doing a hundred sit-ups everyday. Then technology comes in. Designed to help with therapy and rehabilitation, EMS training is slowly making its way into the hands of consumers. It promises quicker and easier workouts, or even workouts without having to move at all! Just what is this exactly?   What is EMS? EMS is the acronym for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Basically, it uses mild electrical currents to contract your muscles just like how your muscles are contracted when you exercise. It was initially [...]

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