You’d think the last place you’d find antibiotics in is that burger you’re about to eat. But according to this article, you definitely should be wary of meat and other meat products that you eat from popular food establishments.

Bacterial Resistance

One of the top health problems facing our country is antibiotics resistance. The overuse of antibiotics allows bacteria to get to know the different antibiotic strains and find ways to get around them. This, of course, renders these life-saving medications, which took decades to develop, completely useless. And as a result, the people who need these life-saving medications don’t get the help they need. This results in thousands of deaths each year.

Overusing Antibiotics

The main problem is not over-prescription of antibiotics by doctors. Rather, it’s the overuse of antibiotics in our food supply chain. Farmers pump antibiotics into feed for chickens, pigs, and cattle to get more meat and prevent disease in abysmal living conditions.

This issue is being addressed with a public scorecard of the nation’s top fast-food establishments according to their policies of sourcing antibiotic-ridden meat. This public accountability not only informs people about which fast-food chains to avoid or support but also spurs top food suppliers to adopt more responsible policies.

The chains that scored highest were Chipotles and Panera, though no chain got a perfect score. However, majority of the 25 top establishments surveyed scored zero for not having any form of policy about these things. This includes a popular fried chicken shop, Mexican food chain, pizza place, and soft ice cream servers. Check out the article to see how your favorites did.

Other Issues

Something the article doesn’t address is the use of antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, and cleaning products. These products run off into the water supply and oceans, causing the same problems with seafood.

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