After much delay, I am pleased to post the second week of the busy bride’s cleanse journey! For those of you who did not get the chance to read about my first week on the 21 Day Full Body Makeover, you can catch up right here on’s blog. For any who don’t feel like reading the whole thing, or for anyone who forgot, I will do a quick summary of days 1-7 before we begin week 2

During the first week of the cleanse program, I did notice (to my surprise!) some results. By the end of the week I noticed myself sleeping better, having fewer cravings for sugar and starchy foods, and a small fat reduction around the middle. I did the burst training routine, which was fun but very difficult, and since I didn’t exercise as intense as I should have the first few days I developed some annoying bumps on my face. By the end of the week, however, my face was back to normal and I was determined to make it through the remaining fourteen days!

And, without further delay, here is my cleanse journey from days 8 to 14.

Day 8

While I noticed I had plenty of energy during the first week of the cleanse, my real energy burst didn’t hit me until Day 8. I had tons of energy! I felt like a fourth grader, itching to go outside and run around like crazy until all the energy was gone. I can’t even remember the last time I felt like that.

I felt so good that day that I joined my friends when they suggested we go out to eat. I had been eating only from home until I got used to the eating protocol, but figured that there was no use keeping cooped up indoors while I was in such high spirits. We went to a Korean restaurant and I found a chicken stir fry with a side of kimchi that was delicious and also complied with the cleanse, to my surprise.

Day 9

Even by the next day, the energy high from day 8 hadn’t worn off. I did burst training, but still had so much energy that I did another work out on top of it. While I enjoyed having crazy amounts of energy, I noticed that it was hard for me to sit still and work without fidgeting. On the bright side, my second work out of the day calmed my body enough to where I could concentrate.

Day 10

By Day 10 my energy levels finally reached a happy medium; they were definitely much higher than when I started the cleanse, but not so high that I was literally bouncing off the walls. I noticed that I was able to concentrate very well throughout the whole day without my mind becoming tired or wanting to zone out, and I took less frequent breaks overall.

I was still following the eating and exercise protocol, and it finally paid off when my fiancé who is, like many men, horribly unobservant when it comes to details (if you are a man reading this, don’t take offense!), asked me if I had less fat around my middle. Yes! My hard work was finally giving noticeable results.


Day 11

I finally reached the twenty minute mark for my burst training routine, up from the original (and embarrassing) ten minutes I achieved on my first session. While I finally got the hang of the exercise portion, I found that I was getting bored of my food options for the eating protocol at home. I dug around in my fridge and pantry and eventually made a Mexican Lentil Salad to spice things up.

Day 12

Realizing that I liked experimenting with flavors, I decided to do something different with my ginger water, since I was getting bored of it as well. Having flavored water is something I found helps me drink more which is essential to the cleansing process, and it keeps energy drops at bay. While I had long given up sodas, I remembered my favorite combination of lemon and lime from my college days and made my own delicious, calorie free sprite in my water bottle with fresh citrus.

I also realize that coconut oil, an ingredient that is recommended for daily use during the cleanse, also worked as a superb moisturizer and make up remover. I bought a huge tub of great quality oil at Costco for around $15 – it was a great investment!

Day 13

Day 13 marked a milestone in my cleanse. I went over to a friend’s house to hang out, and someone brought a couple of bags of Whataburger (fast food hamburgers, in case anyone doesn’t have them in their town). Normally, I can never resist a burger and fries. Where most people could eat pies or chips all day, I could eat French fries non-stop if I had an endless supply in front of me.

To my great surprise, however, I found that I didn’t want to eat a single fry. In fact, the smell of the greasy burgers, fried potatoes, and sugary ketchup grossed me out. What? That had never happened to me before – ever. I easily resisted the fast food and ate a delicious chicken, ginger and coconut stir fry when I got home, pondering the sudden change the entire time.

Day 14

By the end of the second week I woke up with my skin positively glowing. I hadn’t had completely clear skin since the age of 15 before acne hit, so I was surprised at the change that took place within two weeks.

Since day fourteen marked the end of another phase of the cleanse, I decided to update my weight as well as my measurements. When I got on the scale, I was a more than a little disappointed to see the exact same numbers as the week before. Weren’t all these burst training sessions and nutrient-packed salads getting me anywhere? But before I could really freak out I took my measurements and realized that I had lost over an inch around my waist and hips!


-Eating out is possible! It really isn’t as hard as you think on the cleanse since you literally crave healthy foods and will be able to ignore your friend’s French fries without an issue.

-Don’t get bored of your food, experiment with flavors and try new recipes to keep from getting in a mid-cleanse lull.

-Buy coconut oil in bulk to save money. I found a giant tub of the delicious, versatile oil at Costco for a paltry $16. If you’re worried about not being able to use it all up, remember that it literally has hundreds of beauty and household uses. My homemade brown sugar and coconut oil body scrub, for instance, has changed my beauty routine (and makes me smell like macaroons).


While the first week saw some results, in the second week they were definitely more pronounced. I experienced definite fat loss around the middle, especially in the waist and hips, improved mood and concentration at work, as well as better sleep through the night. Although initially I was skeptical, by the end of the week I couldn’t deny that the body makeover was really doing its job.

Be sure to come back for the last installment and the final results!

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