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Weekend Warriors

My guest was Dr. Ken Redcross, MD, board-certified internal medicine, who has been featured on TV shows such as “The Doctors,“The Insider” and E! Entertainment Television.

Website: www.drredcross.com

Americans are trying to fit everything they can into their schedule, and when it comes time to for exercise some people believe a weekend warrior mentality is better than nothing. We will examine the latest study on weekend warriors benefit and increase risk

Only 1 in 3 adults get the CDC’s recommended amount of exercise each week, A recent study from JAMA finds weekend warrior exercises might still reap health benefits similar to a more ideal daily exercise schedule.

The second part of the show we will discuss the Price of Pain while using Pain Meds. The dangers non benefits of muscle soreness for people who take Advil or other NSAID's And are doctors responsible for the painkiller epidemic or is it the patient’s fault?




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