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Find Your Purpose

My guest Tracy Timm, is a Yale graduate with a behavioral psych degree.

She’s a human capital advisor for Dallas’s fastest growing companies and a career coach for executives and young professionals.

Tracy said, we spend more hours every week working than doing anything else. Our mindset around work effects our ability to perform in every other area of our lives. 

If we hate what we do, but we spend all of our energy pretending to like or just getting through the day, then we have very little left to give to the people in our 

lives who really need us

By being honest with ourselves and honest with the people around us that we want more and are made for more, we live more authentic and meaningful lives and

 build up stores of energy that can sustain us through the hard times but also allow us to be the best version of ourselves

Tracy provides one on one coaching to guide you in the direction you want to go helping you create a detailed plan






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