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Preparing your Allover Body Health Prior to Pregnancy

One of the most popular questions asked among women regarding pregnancy is what they can do to their bodies to prepare it for conception. This is topped only by the question of how to lose weight after pregnancy. We decided to tackle this one because it is a more emotionally draining issue for women. And when answers are not found it causes an undue amount of stress—and stress causes—you guessed it—infertility. So since we are all about all over body health for any situation—we’ll jump on this train.

Common Mistakes Made Prior to Pregnancy:

One of the most common mistakes made by women in the early stages of the ‘trying to get pregnant time’ is dumping the birth control and immediately wanting a result. First—we are firm believers in less chemicals into the body means a the body runs as it should. But birth control is an important thing in a woman’s life so we wouldn’t suggest not using it. We will tell you though, that your body needs to heal from those chemicals and right itself before conception can take place. So, make sure you go through at least two cycles prior to expecting any result.

Forgetting your Exercise Regimen:

There have been blogs and other points of reference out there that have suggested to women that it may hurt your chances to conceive if you maintain your workouts. This comes from an exaggerated form of  the truth. If you are a ballerina or a body builder then yes—there may be an issue because your body will have to readjust to normal physical conditions. This has to happen before you will have a normal hormonal balance conducive to pregnancy. But, if you are only maintaining a normal workout with mild cardio and toning then this will actually be of help to you.

Note: Exercise in its moderate form will actually keep the essential hormones you need to conceive running smoothly through the system. You need optimal circulation to the sex organs to help amp up the process!

Medications you May be On:

Any medications you may be on prior to pregnancy need to be stopped unless they are something that is life-threatening if you stop them. Just like the birth control chemicals—your medications can take a while to clear the system. It isn’t good to have meds lingering in the body systems that are not pregnancy friendly either.

Cleanses and Chemicals:

The right cleanse that encourages your body to do what it was meant to is a smart choice. A non stimulant cleanse will help your body clear substances like lingering birth control and medications. It will—at the same time—balance the delicate hormones necessary for a healthy pregnancy.


Think of your body for what it actually is—a vessel for harboring life. Think of what your baby would be swimming and growing in. Anything you have placed in your system two to three months prior to conception is still hanging out in there. Clearing those toxins should be of the utmost concern.  Cleanses work at this time but only ones that have no stimulants because you want the body to stay at its natural balance. We are strong proponents of encouraging the body to do what it does naturally—especially during pregnancy—the most natural event of a woman’s life.


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