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Prenatal Vitamins for Baby Development

pregnant womanPrenatal vitamins are the complementary fuel that supports the mother and the fetus. The other essentials include a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Will the daily diet a pregnant woman receives be sufficient?

The daily diet of the everyday woman is no longer sufficient once she is pregnant.

Nutrients are now needed in excess before and during the pregnancy.

Prenatal vitamins are created to fill the gap that is often found between diet and nutrition. They are not meant to replace the daily meal.

When should prenatal vitamins be taken?

Many doctors are no recommending prenatal vitamins for women to take them before conception. The purpose of these vitamins is to promote healthy pregnancies.

The benefits found in prenatal vitamins include:

–        You get the nutrients that you normally wouldn’t get in your daily diet like folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, B6 & B12 and iodine.

–        The baby usually consumes the minerals, and nutrients the mother would get so prenatal vitamins act to replenish.

–        Morning sickness and fatigue may mean that your nutrition intake is lower than usual hence the supplements.

–        These are great vitamins for hair, skin and nails.

Some Important vitamins for your baby’s development:

Folic acid: The most important vitamin found in prenatal vitamins is folic acid.

Folic acid is knows to prevent developmental complications and defects.

It also develops what is known as the neural tube. The neural tube transforms into the spinal cord and brain of the baby.

The development of this tube takes place during the first month of a woman’s pregnancy. Most women are not aware that they’re pregnant at this time.

This is why it’s essential to take folic acid if you’re trying to conceive.

Calcium: will promote the development of bones for both mother and baby – pregnant women may loose their bone density as the baby takes calcium for bone growth.

Vitamin D: Will aid in the absorption of calcium

Iodine: works to develop various brain structures

Iron: will often aid in the transport of oxygen to different places in the body. It also generates red blood cells.

Iron will also help maintain a healthy weight and therefore reduces the chances of a premature delivery.

Zinc and Vitamin C: They support the immune system

Some side effects of prenatal vitamins in pregnant women include nausea and constipation.

The first trimester is usually the time period for nausea and morning sickness. Most of those effects can be attributed to vitamin supplements.

To combat morning sickness, some doctors recommend halving half the vitamin in the morning and half in the afternoon or evening.

To combat constipation, fiber bars or drinks like Metamucil are helpful. Remember to drink a lot of water.

Taking the vitamins after your pregnancy

These vitamins can be taken after your pregnancy.

– After the birth of your baby, the vitamins will give your body the restoration it needs.

– If you’re breast-feeding, you will benefit from the calcium and iron present in prenatal vitamins

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