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Is Stress Making You a Mess?

Do you stress? I mean, really stress – the kind that doesn’t just last a few hours or days, but the kind you carry with you all the time? You aren’t alone; approximately 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorder. Even if you don’t have a diagnosable amount of anxiety in your life, these conditions can have a huge impact on your overall health.

27There’s always something to worry about. You may be planning a wedding. Flower arrangements, dress fittings, table assignments – all things that can create a huge amount of stress.  Or you may be spending a large portion of your time with young kiddos. Diaper changes, daycare concerns, lack of “me” time – all part of the journey, but still very challenging. During all seasons of life there will be sources of stress that can’t be avoided, but sometimes stress can make a mess of your health.

Anxiety and stress take a toll on your health that can be largely undetected, until it’s too late. From the mild headache and muscle tension to the more serious high blood pressure and obesity – worry, stress, and anxiety are a bad deal. Aside from these clinical symptoms, stress is known to change the way we eat as well.

Stress and Your Waist

Weight gain is a very visible symptom of stress stemming from a combination of physical and emotional sources. When you are worrying about everyday matters, money, or anything at all it, becomes difficult to make healthy food choices.  As a result of these bad food choices or emotional overeating episode, the pounds begin to creep on. Add to this the rise in cortisol, a natural hormone which is released when the body is under stress and has been linked to weight gain.111

Find Some Relief

If your worry or stress is severe, you will need your doctor’s help to create a strategy to manage. However, if you feel your situation is more manageable try some of these tips to eat healthier, avoid weight gain, and feel less stressed:

  • Before eating ask yourself if you are “head hungry” or “real hungry” – don’t let your emotions drive you to snack
  • Eliminate tempting foods from your home – it is likely your willpower is low when under stress
  • Get enough sleep – when sleep deprived individuals tend to reach for sugary foods in an effort to give them energy. These foods end up being empty calories that can lead to weight gain
  • Find a fresh start – beginning a cleanse may be just what you need to help shake the anxiety – when you have more energy and feel good on the inside it can leave you more capable of handling stress
  • Move! A very effective way to deal with stress is to exercise – just 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference

Don’t let stress, anxiety, and worry lead you down a slippery-slope. Pull yourself up by the boot straps, begin your 21 Day Body Cleanse and uncover a healthier, more relaxed you!

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