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Weight can be approached from many different angles, but a few approaches will produce better results more quickly than the others. One of the better ones involves both properweight training and eating habits.

First understand that weight training in this sense does not mean hours of high-rep leg extensions and dumbbell curls. 14 453x1024Weight training for an effective weight loss program needs to incorporate large compound exercises in movements that involve more than one joint—like squats, dead lifts, power cleans, bench presses, and pull-ups (make sure you first have a knowledgeable trainer show how to perform the exercises correctly in order to avoid injury as well as gain the greatest benefit from the style=”color: proper form of the). These exercises recruit more and bigger muscles, and along with building muscle will also elevate your metabolism, helping you to expend the most amount of calories from your workout thus promoting faster fat loss.

If you rev up your metabolism by using compound movements like squats and over head dumbbell presses in a burst training routine like I’ve discussed before, you can continue to burn calories up to 48 hours after your workout. Further, these compound exercises promote production of growth hormone and testosterone, which helps you build muscle. This turns your body into a virtual fat-burning machine and keeps you from losing muscle mass when you cut calories. Remember, the goal isn’t just to lose weight, but to lose fat. Girls, I’m not talking about building big muscles, I’m simply stating that you will change the muscle to fat ratio with this exercise mentality.

In addition to these types of exercises you must also be attentive to proper eating habits,which means a lot more than just cutting out junk food and sodas. You also have to make sure you are eating enough. If you cut calories too drastically, your body will shift into its survival-oriented famine mode.

When this happens, your body conserves fat and burns muscle, and you wind up weighing less, but fatter and looser than you were before. So, while decreasing your caloric intake slightly, eat at least three small meals throughout the day (more if you require it to sustain muscle gained from your workouts)so that your body will know you’re not trying to starve it.

If you’re eating less than your body needs to maintain muscle, you will get fewer nutrients thus resulting in minimal fat loss.This is where most people give up on their routine because they don’t recognize the nutrient deficit. So, in order to achieve optimal weight loss results and assist you in adding those quality dense nutrients for optimal fat loss, you’ll need some quality bio-available supplements. Most important is a high quality protein for muscle repair and building, which also keeps your body from burning muscle for fuel. You should also include a vitamin/mineral supplement and a digestive aid. To keep the toxins from accumulating in the organs of your body, i.e. your liver which will interfere with your fatlose the desired fat if it’s not working at its optimal level.Change Your Mind Change Your Life www.21daybodymakeover.com George DeJohn is the host of the Train Station Fitness Show, Saturday mornings on KTCK 1310 the Ticket.


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