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Healing powers of tumeric

TUMERic blogThe healing and anti inflammatory powers of turmeric have gotten enormous attention lately. Tumeric has been recommended as a natural treatment for inflammatory conditions like arthritis and psoriasis and has even been used as complimentary treatment for cancer.
Tumeric is also an antibacterial agent, liver detoxifier and has even been used to treat depression and promote weight loss. One of tumeric’s many promising healing functions has to do with treating or preventing brain related diseases, such as Alzheimers.
The compound in turmeric that’s thought to be responsible for its healing powers is curcumin. Tumeric powders, capsules and supplements focus on isolating and promoting this particular compound for its healing benefits.
But like all plants, turmeric is made up of hundreds of compounds. There are many more healing compounds in tumeric than curcumin, though these other compounds get far less attention and praise. One of these compounds is called ar-turmerone. The healing combination of curcumin and ar-turmerone has been found to have synergistic effects on healing the body and brain.
Ar-tumerone has recently been studied as a promising treatment for the regeneration of neurological disease.
A recent study from Germany found that tumeric has a massively regenerative effect on the brain. The study shows that adding the whole turmeric root to the diet may have mpre beneficial medicinal effects on the brain than curcumin alone.
German researchers evaluated ar-tumerone’s effect on neural stem cells, which are a group of brain cells capable of the self-renewal required for brain repair.

The study found that when brain cells were exposed to ar-tumerone, neural stem cells increased in number through enhanced proliferation. The increase number of differentiated neuronal cells is an indication that healing was taking place.
Another study showed that rats injected with ar-tumerone into the brain, also experienced increased neural stem cell proliferation and the creation of newly formed healthy brain cells.
There are other benefits of whole turmeric root.
For example, inflammation in the colon and polyps in the colon respond much better to treatment from the whole turmeric plant.
The additional benefits of the whole root over the powder is that the powder tends to get absorbed in the small intestine and never make it to the large intestine to treat the inflammation. The whole root, which is harder to digest, will have a much better chance of making it to the large intestine for treatment.
The examples above prove that curcumin isn’t the only promising healing compound in turmeric and possibly works in tandem with other turmeric compounds to create specific healing effects.
Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the whole turmeric root has been so popular in Indian cooking and Indian medicine for thousands of years. It also adds a great flavor to food and drinks.
If brain issues are a concern or run in your family, you might want to add whole turmeric root to your diet for protective measures. Coupling this with a low sugar, whole food diet, stress reduction and exercise will bring even greater benefit to your brain and body health.
Fresh turmeric root can be found in supermarkets in the produce department. Tumeric can be peeled and shredded or juiced. It can be added to curries, smoothie or used to make a comforting, traditional and delicious beverage called golden milk.
Golden milk can be made with grass fed dairy, coconut milk or almond milk. Add 1 tablespoon of fresh, grated whole turmeric root and 1 tablespoon of fresh, grated ginger root to 2 cups of milk of choice. Add a pinch of pepper to make the turmeric more bio available. Simmer the milk for 10 minutes and strain. Let cool and sweeten with a touch of coconut sugar or raw local honey.
You can also throw your freshly grated turmeric root into your morning smoothies or spice your rice with freshly grated turmeric. You can also cut it into chunks and infuse it into kombucha or hot water with lemon. The flavor and health possibilities are endless.
And if you can’t find turmeric locally, you can always find the benefits of whole turmeric in the herbal supplements that come with the 21-Day Body Makeover.
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The foundations of detoxification is eating right and exercising

water 1487304 640While that’s a great start, there’s more you can do to improve your detoxification experience. When you’re trying to rid your body built up toxins, why not also try to limit your exposure of toxins coming in? While we can’t control our exposure to all toxins, there are things we can do in our home to greatly reduce our exposure.
Detoxifying your home can be a big and overwhelming project, so it’s best to start slow. Making a few changes weekly will add up quickly and leave you feeler cleaner and greener.
The first step is to educate yourself. Let’s look at the most common chemicals that hang out in your home.
You may or may no remember formaldehyde from high school biology class. It’s used to preserve dead animals for dissection purposes. This powerful preservative is also a known carcinogen and is used to manufacture products like nail polish and particle board. Detox tip: buy natural nail polish that is free of formaldehyde and limit the amount of particle board furniture in your house, opting for real wood instead.
Benzene is another toxic chemical found in paint, fuel, tobacco smoke and has been linked to health conditions like leukemia. Detox tip: choose paint that produces low emissions of volatile organic compound gases and don’t allow smoking inside the house.
Chlorine bleach is a common product found in most homes. It’s use can cause eye, throat and lung irritation and when mixed with ammonia it creates a poisonous gas. Detox tip: try not to breath in bleach when using it or switch to a natural alternative like hydrogen peroxide, lemon essential oil or vinegar. Switching from commercial cleaners to greener brands is always a good bet.
Phthalates can throw your hormones out of whack and can commonly be found in plastic containers and shampoos. Detox tip: It’s a good idea to switch from plastic to glass container and buy phthalate-free, natural shampoo and conditioner. Ditching plastic water bottles is one of the best ways to limit phthalate exposure, as the chemical may leach into the water inside, especially on hot days.
Lastly PCBs are nasty chemicals that were outlawed in 1979. But these chemicals are still in circulation and are carcinogenic. Most of our exposure comes from eating fish or breathing contaminated air. Detox tip: to limit your PCB exposure use an air filter in the home and limit fish consumption to once or twice a week.
Here are a few more things you can do to limit your toxic exposure in your house.
Drinking water is one of the biggest sources of toxins depending on water quality. Even if your water quality is good, a filter will make it even better.
Eating organic can be more expensive, but it’s the best way to avoid pesticides and genetically modified produce. Choosing organic is also good for the planet. Spend your money at the farmers market instead of at the pharmacy.
Most products get their fragrances from nasty chemicals. To limit toxic exposure it’s best to go with unscented products or switch to natural products scented with essential oils.
Switching to natural toothpaste is one of the easiest home detox fixes. Choose natural toothpaste that is free of fluoride and triclosan. This is especially important if you have young kids because fluoride is toxic if swallowed.
Ditch the extra products you don’t need, like air fresheners and hair spray. Diffuse essential oils to make the house smell nicer. Ditching house scenting products not only saves money, it saves your health.
If it’s time to buy a new mattress or couch, choose products with organic filling, made from non-toxic materials. The off gassing of chemicals from new furniture can affect children and sensitive people.
Lastly, getting rid of compact fluorescent light bulbs is a great idea. These types of bulbs should be avoided and disposed of carefully because they contain mercury and can be harmful if broken.
These are some of the tips for cleaning up your home to make your detox experience with the 21-Day Body Makeover even more successful.
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Reasons Men Should Do Yoga

men 1179452 640So, you might’ve been thinking about doing a cleanse for a while, or eying the 21-Day Body Makeover, but a few reservations have kept you away. Let’s talk about one of those today. Exercise. Moving your body is an important part of cleansing, but there are many roadblocks to doing it. Often there is a lack of energy, time and motivation. Others find exercise boring or don’t like/can’t afford a gym. 
The good news is that exercise doesn’t have to be exhausting, boring or intimidating. If you don’t like weight lifting or cardio, try something else. Exercise can be restorative and life changing if you find the right kind. This, of course, requires trying something new, like one of the most popular forms of exercise today, yoga.
Yoga has been around for thousands of years and has become popular in modern times because it offers all the benefits of traditional exercise with some added perks. Yoga is about moving the body with awareness. It’s about slowing down and finding rest in the movement. It’s about stretching the body, mind and spirit.
While yoga practitioners tend to mostly be women, men can reap great benefit from this exercise by practicing an alternative approach to movement. Yoga, unlike traditional exercise, is not about pushing through your limits, it’s about finding balance and letting go of tension. If done right, you can get the same benefit from yoga as you do from meditation. 
If exercise is done with too much intensity, it can become an additional stressor, keeping the body from repairing itself and depleting energy reserves instead of building them. If you’re someone who strives and pushes too hard, yoga is the perfect exercise remedy.
It can be therapeutic. Many stressed out, pain wracked, overworked men have found relief through their yoga practice.
Different styles of yoga focus on different goals. Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles are sweaty, fast and invigorating, while meditative and calming styles like Yin Yoga, Kundalini and Iyengar focus on breath, alignment and melting tension.
The hardest part of yoga is walking into a room of highly flexible women and not being able to do the poses. The intimidation factor keeps men away, in particular, and brings out their competitive nature.
The beauty of yoga is that it teaches people to approach challenge without ambition or striving. It’s not about stretching further or mastering that difficult pose, it’s about facing thoughts, emotions and limitations with acceptance. The benefits of this go beyond getting in shape, they are downright therapeutic, helping melt away life’s overwhelm and stress.
Yoga is a great choice for people who work too hard or sit all day. And it’s a great way to combine movement with meditation and develop connection and awareness to the body.
And if the intimidation of walking into a class is too much, start your yoga practice at home with online classes. There are many low cost or free yoga classes on line and some offer a free trial period. Once you become familiar with the postures, you can try a live class, where the teacher can help improve your alignment.
The best part of yoga is that it incorporates rest and recovery. The last pose is called Savasana, and done laying down. This is when the benefits of exercise integrate into the body and bring restoration.
If you’re a man or woman who’s been curious about yoga, try it for 3 weeks during the 21-Day Body Makeover, to discover it’s gentle power. Unlike regular exercise, yoga encourages you to slow down and take it easy and who doesn’t need that reminder in today’s hectic world?
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How to Cut Down on Sugar

potatoes 1585075 640Sugar is one of the most addictive substances known to man. If you want to improve your diet or heal from a health condition, cutting down on sugar is the best start.

But before you cut it out completely, it’s important to understand what the different forms of sugar and carbs, what they do to your body and why they shouldn’t be cut out completely. It’s easy to go from one extreme to the other and feel equally as bad at the other end. Going too low carb can cause issues with memory, mood, energy and hormones. So here is a simple guide to sugars and carbohydrates so you can choose your energy sources carefully and with lots of context.

One of the biggest issues with the standard American diet is that it’s too high in hidden sugars. Many processed foods contain sugar to make it taste better, most especially low fat products. We’re not just talking obvious sweet foods like cookies and pastries. Food manufacturers sneak sugar into savory foods like pasta sauce, salad dressings and soups, to name a few.

The average American eats 130 pounds of sugar each year. And because of this we are experiencing a spike in sugar-related health problems like obesity and diabetes. And there’s been a lot of talk in the health press lately about good carbs and bad carbs. So let’s examine what this means.

Carbohydrates are foods made up of starch or sugar.  Your body eventually breaks carbohydrates down into glucose, the fuel your body and muscles use for energy. There are two types of carbs, simple and complex. Complex carbs are considered the good kind of carbs because they can contain other nutritious elements like fiber, vitamins, enzymes and protein. They also take longer to digest and don’t spike your blood sugar. This translates into more even energy instead of the spike and crash effect of simple carbs.

That brings us simple carbs also known as “bad” carbs. These types of carbs will give you a sugar high followed by an energy or mood crash. Pasta, white bread, white flour, white sugar, cookies, candies, crackers, chips, pretzels, concentrated fruit juice and sodas are just some of the junky foods classified as simple carbs. Fruit are the only simple carbs that are healthy.

The reason insulin spikes are relevant to health is because insulin is the master hormone that rules your metabolism. It regulates glucose levels in your body by depositing it into cells as fuel. If the cell already are full of fuel then insulin carries the extra glucose to be stored as fat. When you eat a meal that is high in simple carbs, your pancreas works overtime to produce enough insulin to deal with it. This is not good for your pancreas or other organs. Too much glucose and insulin can cause a wide array or diseases and some research has linked them to cancer.

One of the best ways to figure out which carbs are simple and which are complex is by consulting a glycemic index chart like this one. This chart measures how high and quickly a particular food raises your blood sugar. It’s also a good measure of fiber content because fiber offsets the insulin response. Foods high on the glycemic index chart are simple carbs without much fiber. Foods lower on the index, for example below 60, are a good choice for blood sugar stability.

Some tips for staving off sugar cravings, while reducing simple sugars, is to eat more complex carbs like sweet potatoes or pumpkin puree. Fat and protein is also a good bet for filling you up and balancing blood sugar, so those sugar demons don’t scream so loud.

The 21 Day Body Makeover emphasizes foods that are lower on the glycemic index but still provide enough glucose to give you steady energy throughout the day.


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Is cleansing right for you?

comprehensive solutionCleansing your body has been popular for years. But is it right for you? Below we answer frequently asked questions about cleansing for improved health and why the 21 Day Body Makeover is more comprehensive than other cleanses. It still boggles my mind why many people limit their benefits by using a colon or liver cleanse. 
Our cleanse is a full body cleanse that targets 5 of your biggest elimination organs, so it will cleanse your whole body rather than concentrate on only one organ like your liver or colon.

Our bodies are naturally designed to take in toxins and clean them out. But science as shown modern pollution, toxins and processed diets can overwhelm cleansing organs like the skin, liver, colon, lymph and kidneys. As they become overworked they get clogged and sluggish and function less effectively. If you’re trying to loss fat for instance, and your liver is not working at its optimal level due to a poor diet, then you will most likely struggle to lose that excess weight even on a good diet.  A full body, all organ cleanse can help rejuvenate your natural cleansing powers. 
Everyone needs a vacation right? Your organs are no different. A full body cleanse gives all of your organs the support and rest they need to function optimally. 

There are different signs that you might need a full body cleanse, such as weight gain, head aches, joint pain, skin eruptions, nausea, fatigue, craving for sweets, trouble sleeping, depression and allergies, to name a few. Testimonial after testimonial have come to us expressing gratitude for helping to alleviate these symptoms during and after using our full body cleansing. 
A lot of people cleanse to lose weight, so why is cleansing important for weight loss?
Happy organs, particularly the liver, are the key to weight loss. Also, keeping blood sugar stable by eating healthy, regular meals of protein, fat and carbs is crucial for sustainable weight loss. Keeping blood sugar stable will also lower inflammation, increase energy and decrease unpleasant detox symptoms.

The herbs and supplements provided by our full body 21-Day Body Makeover along with the food and movement plan, help support your organs and turns up your fat burning powers. Also, cleansing alleviates inflammation, which is a reason some bodies hold onto unwanted weight for protection. Cleansing improves metabolism, elimination and digestion, which is the foundational step to lasting weight loss. 

What are the other typical benefits of a full body cleanse and who should cleanse?
Cleansing is appropriate for adults of any age, but there are a few exceptions. For example, the 21-Day Body Makeover, is not appropriate for breastfeeding women. It is also not appropriate for people who are taking the blood thinning medication, Coumadin or have recently had an organ transplant.

Our cleanse is not recommended for people who take immune suppressing medications as the immune bolstering effect of our cleanse may interfere with the medications. Our cleanse is also not recommended for people with acute gallstones. However, it is safe to do for people who have had their gall bladder removed. 

There are many medical conditions that could be improved through full body cleansing. Some of these conditions are depression, anxiety, heartburn or reflux. It’s fine to be on antidepressants during our cleanse, and you may even find you need less medication afterwards. 

If you have high blood pressure, our cleanse is safe, as long as you monitor your blood pressure with your doctor. Diabetics are also welcome to do our cleanse as long as they monitor blood sugar with their doctor.

Most people avoid cleansing because they think they will be hungry the whole time. Our full bodcleanse is different because you can eat whole, satisfying foods on it. The 21 Day Body Makeover is not a liquid only or raw food cleanse. You are given recipes and encouraged to eat plenty of veggies, fruit and good quality protein and fats. 

Eating regularly on a cleanse is important for blood sugar balance, good mood and the energy to work, play and exercise. Starving on a cleanse is counterproductive as it will slow your metabolism and throw off your hormones. Under eating or dieting is one of the worst ways to lose weight. The 21 Day Body Makeover is not a diet, but rather an internal makeover for your detox organs.

Weight loss is a natural side effect of our cleanse and happens slowly. When weight loss is too quick, it’s often water weight that returns after the cleanse ends. Slow weight loss is fat weight loss and should be measured not by the scale but by how your pants fit or measurements of inches lost.

The reason that exercise is a crucial part of the 21 Day Body Makeover is it encourages detoxification through the largest detox organ in your body, your skin. Your skin detoxes through sweating, which also decreases the intensity of detox reactions like headaches, fatigue and achy joints.

So now that you have some of the facts, you can decide is a full bodcleanse is for you. Try our cleanse today.
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