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Body Cleanse – Detox Program - 21 Day Body Makeover

21 Day Body Makeover Program: All About Healthy Diet & Cleanse

Everyone yearns to look and feel great! Now is the perfect time to fortify your diet and follow healthy eating. Ironically, when healthy diet is our birthright, for many people, getting into the complete whole foods based diet & exercises is similar to touring to a distant land. However, it does not have to be that scary. Getting assistance from a fitness expert for following a 21 day body makeover program would be a better idea to reduce weight and tone your body and have the support to guide you everyday if need be.Body Makeover Program

Preparing For A Full Body Cleanse

Embarking on foods based diet eliminates sugar, toxins, chemical-laden and artificial stuff from your body, which is called natural body detox and cleanse. Elimination diet is an essential aspect of a 21 day body makeover program, which consists of excluding certain types of foods while including the useful nutrients in your regular meals. Having deep knowledge of the diet plan recipes will give you better insight into the real benefits of cleanse diet and several methods to acquire long term fitness goals.Full Body CleanseYou should understand that your body must be well prepared before being subjected to a strong cleanse. A diet plan usually cuts out 90% solid food consumption. To prevent your body from any sort of adverse effect & obtain the maximum benefit out of 21 day challenge meal plan, it is imperative to make some adjustments in your diet before the cleanse program.

What to Include & What to Avoid for a Balanced Diet

Vegetables & Fruits

Many of us believe that all the vegetables and fruits are full of nutrients and are therefore, good for health. But, for a detox diet, certain vegetables & fruits need to be avoided while some should be included. Exclude vegetables with high glycemic index like white potatoes and corn as they negatively affect your insulin levels, resulting in low energy and less ability to burn fat. You can eat sweet potatoes during a cleanse, but limiting it to one per day. Intake of fruit must be kept minimum to maximize your fat loss. Consume cherries, plums, green apples and berries but do not eat oranges, bananas and grapes.


To keep up your strength, you need to consume more proteins while excluding carbohydrates. Have coconut water, green juice, distilled water, freshly prepared juices and avoid coffee, alcohol, caffeinated tea, soda and carbonated drinks.Carbohydrates

Animal Protein

Since, proteins are the primary sources of energy, you should be aware of the proteins that are useful for a detox. Fresh water fish, organic turkey and chicken are a few essential proteins to include in your diet and some detox programs require you to avoid pork, beef, raw fish & meat, etc. Vegetable-based proteins like lentils, blue-green algae and legumes should be consumed.

How Long Should You Stay on a Body Cleanse?

Full body detox plans & cleanses are easy to follow and involve natural ways to filter & release waste from your body. Therefore, these can be carried out for a longer time than other extreme protocols. A safe and reliable cleanse does not let you starve of or take artificial pills and expensive drinks. An ideal way to cleanse your body is allowing it to respond in the most natural manner with the assistance of fitness & wellness expert who guides you to follow healthy eating and appropriate supplements. It is recommended to do a detox for around 7 days to 6 weeks. However, you may expand this to include 21 days based on your needs. Get some help from a professional trainer to know what time is the best for you.


A 21 day body makeover program prepares your body for all the health related challenges and helps resolve digestive issues. Considering the aforementioned guidelines will assist you in completing the cleanse successfully with ease.


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